iPhone 7 campaign with Dwayne Johnson clocks 13 million views

Apple Dwayne Johnson

Apple Dwayne Johnson – two words we never thought we’ll hear in the same sentence. Well, here it is. Take a look for yourself…

Apple and Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock have teamed up in iPhone 7’s latest campaign where they teach viewers how to use Siri every day.

The campaign titled ‘The Rock X Siri Dominate the Day’ shows Johnson having an extremely busy schedule- so from flying a plane to Rome, appearing at a fashion show, he is doing everything and he enlists Siri to help him manage his day. Apple makes an attempt to push the voice assistant to be a more active part in user’s life.

On Twitter, Johnson created curiosity, by sharing that he is co-starring in a movie with Siri before the campaign broke. It created a lot of buzz and as a result, the video has clocked more than 13 million views on Apple’s YouTube channel in such a short span of time.


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Johnson was quite active on Twitter and has played a big role in promoting the campaign and interacting with Twitterati. iPhone upped it’s marketing ante in the past few days and has been very active on social media.

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