Flipkart surprised Bangalore with #PowerPlus

Flipkart had a pleasant surprise in store for the smartphone owners of Bangalore who needed #PowerPlus with the Mobile Mobile Charger!

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Nightmares are the worst, and do you know the absolutely worst nightmare ever? Its two words, and they are “Battery Low”, and the feeling of terror when you realize you have forgotten your charger at home!

Imagine being stranded outdoors, snapping away, checking in at that cool new café, or maybe playing your favourite game and disaster strikes! The words battery low pop up on your screen and panic kicks in. Although if you’re planning on buying the Moto E4 Plus, forget this nightmare entirely, Flipkart tells you why.

As the screen says Battery Low, and you’re too far to rush home, with no charging point in sight, you hope and pray for a miracle, and it arrives. Flipkart came to the rescue of every charge deprived smartphone in Bangalore for three days, from 10th to 12th July, 2017.

Now not everyone is smart enough to pay attention to the battery of a smartphone since we are enamored by the octa-cores and megapixels, but being the true friend that always gives us a second chance, Flipkart said, “We got you covered until the Moto E4 Plus arrives!”

Why Moto E4 Plus? The cell phone is armed witha mammoth 5000 mAH battery and is coming soon on Flipkart;looks like the Mobile Mobile Charger will have to go for an early retirement. For now, Flipkart rescued smartphone users from Bangalore with their innovative idea.

A tweet with the hashtag #NeedPowerPlus was all Bangaloreans needed to have a Mobile Charger, oh wait, Mobile Mobile Charger come to them.

Bangaloreans received a power top up delivered to them at various locations such as Whitefield, Nagarbhavi, Sarajpur and many other places in the metro helping people go from Powerless to #PowerPlus!

Radio Jockey and Comedian, Danish Sait was one of the people who marveled at the helping hand extended by Flipkart towards the digital crowd of India’s smart city.

Thanks to Flipkart, Bangaloreans did not need a Battery Saver as Flipkart turned out to be the Life Saver for all of them! The Moto E4 Plus is coming to Flipkart soon, so break up with your charger, and get smarter!

Till then hope that Flipkart’s Moto E4 Plus inspired #PowerPlus comes to your city as well.

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