Friends Adult Diapers celebrated Parents Day with real life stories

Friends Adult Diapers

As children and parents grow older, their dependence upon one another undergoes a reversal, as parents need to be taken care of in their sunset years. Friends Adult Diapers released their latest campaign for the occasion of Parent’s Day.

Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year, Parents Day is an opportunity for children to express their gratitude towards their parents’ hard work and love that has nurtured them. As our parents grow older, they require a lot of love, care, attention, and understanding.

The brand has taken to social media to share real life stories and testimonials from people who have dedicated their lives towards taking care of their senior family members no matter what, as our parents did when we were younger. These stories embody the values that Friends Adult Diapers stand for, and is a wonderful initiative from the brand that reinforces their brand identity.

Kartik Johari, Vice President, Marketing & Commerce, Friends Adult Diapers, says “We are what we are, because of our parents. Their emotions, memories, dreams, and frustrations take root in our spirit and give fuel to our growth. We all stay resolved, to embody their best and expunge their worst; our idea of parenting is the distilled best of our parents. Yet, it is easier to embody the bad. It is the toughest, to be the parent for our parents. And, this stage requires the most from a caretaker. It is important to understand unspoken words and take care of their health and growing needs, to make them feel wanted and comfortable. So basically, reversed role, where we are the parent and we take care of them”.

Friends Adult Diapers is reaching out to people through social media to encourage the fact that we are now ‘Parenting our Parents’ and it is more than just a responsibility.

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