If social media existed in the Game of Thrones universe....

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Game of Thrones

If you have ever wondered how would things turn out if social media existed in the Game of Thrones universe, look no further!

So, finally, Winter is finally coming to Westeros, and if I may say, by the Old Gods and New, social media will be lit up with the endless Game of Thrones fiesta, and it will be difficult to miss!

Indeed there have been some iconic and unforgettable moments in the series infamous for gratuitous violence, and if we’re considering the possibility of social media existing in the Game of Thrones universe, we should also consider the possibility that the people from Westeros could be huge social media buffs.

Well, do not let your imagination run wild, since we took care of that bit for you. Here’s how things would have turned out if social media existed in the Game of Throne universe.

Let’s begin with Daenerys Stormborn, First of her name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. I wonder if that would fit into her Instagram bio! Quite a mouthful isn’t it?

Game of Thrones

It just wouldn’t fit in her Instagram bio! I mean there was no place for hashtags!

Game of Thrones

The young Khaleesi (please I do not want to write the entire thing again) would obviously be a social media aficionado, sharing updates of her many conquests with her subjects would not be a stretch to imagine wouldn’t you say?

Speaking of social media aficionados, can we forget the young Stark clan who without a doubt would be busy Instagramming their life with Snow (PUN INTENDED!)? And if I had Direwolves for company, I would never stop flooding my friends’ Instagram feeds with pictures of my badass pet wolf!

Game of Thrones

Well this was quite the un-monumental and (not even remotely) a happy occasion, thanks to Lord Bolton and the most grave ‘dhoka’ that he administered to the King In The North. Needless to say, the young Wolf from Winterfell could never check the notifications that his Check-In racked up. (R.I.P.)

Game of Thrones

Now, let us visit the young and enterprising CEO of The House of Mormont, Lady Lyanna Mormont from Bear Island, who impressed one and all with her skills as an orator from the speech that you obviously remember right?

Game of Thrones

My boy Podrick too had an impressive introduction owing to his generous endowment at the hands of God (the old ones or the new? I’m not so sure!). Podrick Payne and the tales from behind closed doors, and that’ s all the information I’m allowed to divulge.

Game of Thrones

Let us conclude with the undoubtedly @VeryImpMan (it’s intended), Tyrion Lannister and @TheSpider, Lord Varys, two men with the gift of the gab, and some of the most ribbing and amusing conversations across Westeros.

Game of Thrones

As the return of Game of Thrones beckons, social media will be up in a frenzy with the faithful pledging their allegiances to their respective houses. Fanboys with slower internet connections or hectic schedules will begin to tiptoe on social media, trying to avoid spoilers and on the other hand, the ones who have watched it would express bewilderment and grief over who died this time!

Until then, Valar Morghulis my fellow Game of Thrones fanboys.

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