iGenero’s B51 introduces BoyfriendBot to redefine boyfriends and bots

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B51, the chatbot vertical of iGenero has launched a BoyfriendBot, the virtual version of the traditional and clichéd Boyfriend.

The BoyfriendBot is aimed to be the perfect version of a girl’s soulmate and takes AI to a whole new romantic level. This chatbot t is a humanoid version of the existing automated chatbots in the market.

BoyfriendBot a product of B51, is a bot which talks to humans and not to users and introduces interactivity and charm to the otherwise automated and emotionless chatbots. It is an extension of B51’s capabilities of creating interactive and engaging chatbots that can be customised as per the brands identity and tone of voice.

It will enable chatbots to become ambassadors for brands which are at the customers disposal 24/7 and 365 days a year. For e.g. a rebellious bike brand could have quirky and a touch of arrogance based content, whereas a luxurious brand could be represented by a sophisticated and charming bot akin the BoyfriendBot.

Talking about the BoyfriendBot Aditya Gupta, Founder of iGenero, said, “In the digital era of social media customers want everything smart and fast. Any unattended query or complaint from the customer could lead to fall in sales, and even worse culminate into an irreparable damage to the brand image as is evident in the recent airlines and the president of a major democracy episodes.

Chatbot gives the option to provide customers ready assistance regarding products and also act as a frontline correspondent for the brand in for crisis management. Through the chatbot brands can also providing real-time customer support, generate leads, source traffic to brand communities and generally create multiple touchpoints to engage with the brand. By creating a BoyfriendBot iGenero is giving brands a live demo of the vast capabilities that B51 chatbots have to offer.”

Highlight the behind the scenes tech aspect of the BoyfriendBot, Manveer Singh Malhi, head of Digital and partner at iGenero said, “The BoyfriendBot breaks all the traditional barriers of a bot. It talks to humans and not to users. The power of AI forms the basis of the bot and is our first bid to make emotionally intelligent products in the future. The BoyfriendBot has machine learning programmed into its genes and efficiently converses with the stakeholders like a living, breathing brand representative. It is a part of the B51 chatbot service which we have recently introduced and intend to help brands benefit from our unique humanoid services.”

Testimonial to the efficiency and effectiveness of the B51 chatbots is that the BoyfriendBot has spread like wildfire and already has gone viral with girls all around the world chatting with it, thanks to its interactive and entertaining content. Looks like AI-based chatbots of B51 are soon to take the digital realm by storm.

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