5 Instagram Case Studies from APAC to learn from

We bring you these Instagram Case Studies from the Asia Pacific Region, from Harley Davidson, Qantas, Clovia, and more.

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Instagram Case Studies

Not many view Instagram beyond a place to share the snapshots of their daily lives and the visual compilation of their favourite moments, yet its so much more! The platform has helped numerous brands script some truly amazing Instagram Case Studies or success stories as they really are.

One of the most comprehensive marketing channels today, social media has evolved, and at the forefront of this evolution stands Facebook, with its family of platforms, of which Instagram is one of the most formidable. These Instagram Case Studies include brands that have rediscovered their relevance, their audience or risen and reached new people, all through the world’s largest photo sharing platform.

We bring you these Instagram Case Studies from the Asia Pacific region, from established brands with a beautiful legacy such as Harley Davidson and Qantas, to new age brands that have redefined the very definition of growth such as Clovia from India, Market Kurly from South Korea and Bridestory from Indonesia.

1. Harley Davidson, Australia

The iconic motorcycle brand from the United States has been associated with bikers and seasoned riders for years, yet there existed a perceived lower appeal for the brand among the youth. Here is how Harley Davidson's inclusion into the Instagram Case Studies began.

Instagram Case Studies

Harley Davidson’s agency, 303 MullenLowe devised a campaign engaging with local Australian artists to create artistic illustrations and doodles based on specific themes such as food, ocean and outdoors, all of which are aplenty in Australia.

Instagram Case Studies

The illustrations and doodles were displayed as carousel ads split into five separate images that came together to form a connected artwork, using motifs and imagery that is popular in biking culture.

Instagram Case Studies

Harley Davidson’s campaign ran for four weeks between 12th June and 30th June, 2016, fulfilling the brand’s objectives of reaching out to a younger audience.

2. Clovia, India

The lingerie brand, founded in India in 2012 caters mainly to urbane young woman from metropolitan cities, a group that has acquired some comfort with ordering lingerie online. Instagram was the right fit for Clovia in order to reach out to their target audience.

Instagram Case Studies

Using Instagram’s visual aspects to showcase their products in an aesthetic and appealing manner, accompanied by a short copy and a strong CTA urging consumers to act, as the brand had a focus on conversions.

Instagram Case Studies

Clovia segmented their audience based on age and location in metropolitan cities, and clicking on the ‘Shop Now’ button directed users to their website, helping Clovia track conversions.

Instagram Case Studies

Clovia’s Instagram campaign ran for three months, from February to April 2016, and helped the brand achieve their goal with a significantly lower CPA.

3. Bridestory

An online portal from Indonesia that lets couples plan their weddings, facilitating contact between them and vendors. Bridestory recently unveiled their own smartphone app helping their consumers access information and never stop planning their dream wedding, even on the go.

Instagram Case Studies

As Bridestory intended to boost app downloads, their Instagram posts featured a strong CTA urging users to download their smartphone apps on the iOS and Android playstores. Their primary target audience constitutes young women, and Bridestory leveraged Instagram’s targeting to reach women between the age groups of 21 to 35.

Instagram Case Studies

Attractive visuals filled with bridal references such as bouquets, accompanied by suitable copies were targeted to women from select locations in Indonesia based on their marital status.

Bridestory also leveraged video ads, and also carousel ads to drive Instagram users to their website, employing Facebook’s revolutionary Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences to retarget similar Facebook and Instagram users.

Instagram Case Studies

Instagram delivered the lowest Cost Per Install for Bridestory as compared to other channels that the brand leveraged, and helped them acquire loyal users through their campaign that ran only for a month in February 2016.

4. Qantas

Australia’s most popular and one of the world’s oldest airlines, Qantas launched their own content platform, AWOL, based around travel and experiences, urging young Australians to travel. AWOL is an initiative by Qantas in collaboration with Junkee Media.

Instagram Case Studies

Qantas leveraged Instagram Stories in order to engage with their target audience that prefers ‘snackable video content’ that does not stray further from a few seconds and cease to be interesting. Moreover, millennials engage more with ads that do not feel like ads, and to nail this criteria, Qantas and Junkee Media teamed up with the Facebook Creative Shop to create ads that felt natural within the Instagram Stories ecosystem.

Instagram Case Studies

The Instagram Stories ads took viewers on a unique visual journey to some of the most beautiful and rich locations around the world, aimed to serve as an inspiration to undertake such travel expeditions and journeys with friends.

Instagram Case Studies

A month long campaign, the Instagram Stories ad campaign delivered a significant increase in brand recall for AWOL, among both male and female consumers.

5. Market Kurly

Termed as being the Amazon Fresh of Korea, Market Kurly has earned praise and the comparison with one of the world’s largest conglomerates is a compliment itself. Market Kurly delivers groceries to your place, with a unique aspect of their service that stresses on speed, claiming that all goods ordered before 11pm, will be delivered by 7am the next day.

Instagram Case Studies

A startup with the ambition and resolve to disrupt the market, Market Kurly turned to Instagram to spread the word and get more people to try their services but with a completely fresh approach. Placing a higher emphasis on creativity and appealing visuals that make even the most ordinary household groceries appear fascinating, Market Kurly tailored their approach perfectly keeping Instagram’s values.

Instagram Case Studies

A central theme was followed for carousel ads to display multiple images, conveying a unified message to their audience.

Instagram Case Studies

The campaign helped Market Kurly establish their presence on Instagram and helped them amass more followers, thus improving the conversion rate on their website.

Nothing inspires more than success stories like these. For more such amazing campaigns stay tuned in for Social Samosa's Yearbook of Social Media campaigns.

All of the above information, images and references were taken from the Instagram Business blog.

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