Kopiko creates an engagement of 316k with ‘Jaage Raho Aage Raho’

Kopiko, the coffee flavored hard boiled candy brand from India tapped into social media to promote their product with ‘Jaage Raho Aage Raho’.




Kopiko intended to drive conversations on social media around their newest TVC campaign, ‘Jaage Raho Aage Raho’ and leveraged Influencer Marketing to reach out to the youth through social channels.


For ‘Jaage Raho Aage Raho’, Kopiko collborated with social media Influencers for the first time, promoting their product as a pocket sized saviour when one needs it the most.

Instagram was the social media platform of choice for the brand as their target audience comprises of the mutlitasking and highly active youth audience.

Using engaging social media activities and features such as Boomerangs and photos, Kopiko harnessed the power of social media to rake in tremendous engagement and managed to create brand awareness.

Infuencers Sherry Shroff, The Sassy Thing, Suyyash Rai, Krutika Khurana and many more teamed up with Kopiko to promote the brand and their product.

Kopiko’s TVC for Jaage Raho Aage Raho racked up more than a million views on YouTube.


Jaage Raho Aage Raho from Kopiko generated a total Reach of 1607080 and a Total Engagement of 316020.

The engagement on the influencer posts were as follows

Kopiko managed to create a buzz around their TVC with active influencer outreach.