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Newsfeed SmartApps

An ideal Gen Y user wants it all under one screen – from discovering the product to purchasing it or giving a feedback, gone are the days when completing the transaction on a different screen or even in a different tab was acceptable.

Keeping up with the dynamic needs of the audience, Newsfeed SmartApps, help you create an entire interactive experience in one Facebook post. If you’re thinking Facebook app, you’re wrong. This is more like a Facebook post, that is a website, or a game or a poll in itself.

Social Samosa takes a look at what Newsfeed Smartapps has to offer and how can brands use it.

So, how does this work? Basis their objective, brands can decide the kind of smartapp they want to create for their social profile – an interactive game or a lead gen survey form! Basis that, you have to give Newsfeed Smartapps your brief, and they develop the app, keeping in mind the best practices.

Once the app is ready, you have to post the link provided by them in the status bar – and your newsfeed app is ready to go.

Watch the video to understand exactly how a Newsfeed SmartApp works for desktop and mobile users.

Newsfeed Smartapps created an interactive app for Star India, just before the launch of Game of Thrones. In this fascinating game, users had to create the GoT family tree and submit results to get the best rank.

The game was interactive and managed to create an adrenaline effect, as consumers scrammed to get the best results.

Once the app is up and running, the client has the option to browse through detailed analytics. The app has a smart dashboard that offers insights on metrics such as, which device did the user access the newsfeed app from, what day/time did they access the app, did they fill out the form, what buttons or sections did they click in the newsfeed app, how many clicked the play button but didn't interact with the newsfeed app, how many clicked the F-share and T-share button in the Newsfeed app and more.

Currently, several national and international clients and agencies are working with them, including some big names such as Samsung, Pepsi, BMW, Nike, HSBC, Dettol, Kraft, Reebok and others. In India, Newsfeed Smartapps has worked with leading agencies like 22feet, Mindshare, WAT Consult, Ogilvy, isobar and overseas with Havas, Mirum, Cheil, TBWA, Carat, Edelman and many more.

This unique technology of interactive posts built by newsfeed smartapps is actually patent pending in India, US, GCC and many other countries. In the US they have a patent number (US20160119446) but overall this doesn’t impact the client in any manner.

A smartapp indeed?

For me Newsfeed Smartapps works on multiple levels. To begin with, an interactive experience within the confines of Facebook is very appealing, since Facebook has made it very difficult for users to leave their interface.

In technical terms, Newsfeed Smartapps being different from apps, doesn’t access consumer data in any form. This implies that consumers don’t have to ‘allow’ the app or sign up for anything, which proves to be a turnoff, more often than not.

Secondly, they are mobile and tablet friendly, which is a huge plus! No hassle of vertical and horizontal creatives!

A single drawback could be that the tool doesn’t offer specific consumer data! Nonetheless, you have broad buckets, which you actually need while retargeting.

With reducing attention span, linear storytelling can lead to a fatal date. Interactive stories are what you’re looking for and Newsfeed Smartapps could be an apt solution.

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