#VLCCStyleStatements: An influencer property for brand repositioning

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Jul 12, 2017 11:47 IST
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Over the years, VLCC Wellness has grown into a full-scale beauty and wellness player with 200+ centres across India. While the iconic VLCC brand is strongly associated with slimming and weight management solutions, there was limited awareness of its beauty solutions, especially those catering to millennials. To address this, VLCC Wellness launched a year-long #VLCCStyleStatements campaign with the objective to position themselves as youth oriented brand and create awareness of their beauty services and solutions.


To meet their objective, VLCC coined #VLCCStyleStatements, an influencer initiative across 50 plus cities, including Tier II and III towns. The brand gave influencers and bloggers a glimpse of their beauty and healthcare products and services through experiential sessions, to create awareness about VLCC’s very core.

VLCC partnered with 20 influencers, celebrities, bloggers, micro influencers and publishers, in every city. During these sessions, influencers and bloggers were given personalised responses and solutions for all their beauty concerns.

Bloggers such as Bhoomi Valecha from Ahmadabad and Swetha Vinod from Cochin were looped in to give their followers a look and feel of VLCC’s services. Celebrities such as Mahathalli and influencers like Sana Khan, and Aakriti were a part of these sessions too.

The influencers also created pre-buzz and post coverage activities, to keep the momentum around #VLCCStyleStatements up and going.

Further #VLCCStyleStatements managed to get coverage across publications such as Nagpur Today and Amar Ujala, Creating a complete content dissemination cycle.

In the event organised in Chandigarh, International Skin Expert, Daphne Danielson shared exclusive tips and insights with the bloggers, helping them overcome day to day skin hassles.

The blogger meets were further amplified with Facebook Live, Instagram Lives, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and more.

#VLCCStyleStatements boasts of a healthy content spread on Twitter and Instagram. On YouTube too, the brand reached out through vlogs created by these bloggers, this earning wide spread reach.


Through #VLCCStyleStatements, the brand managed to popularise its beauty and healthcare products and services. Further, with influencers talking about these products, VLCC created a youth friendly image, wherein anyone and everyone can come to the brand with queries.

VLCC engaged with micro influencers, who have a much more effective rapport with their followers. Within 6 months of the campaign, the brand witnessed tremendous results. For every influencer generated content, VLCC received astounding buzz and awareness. Facebook Live by Mahathalli itself generated more than 2.5 Lac views, while Instagram post by Hasini from Vizag got more than 35K views.

#VLCCStyleStatements helped the brand rise above the misconceptions attached to it and establish a new identity.

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