13 Tweets about #BangaloreTraffic that will give you the feels

If you thought #MumbaiTraffic was the worst thing that ever existed, you surely haven’t suffered the mind numbing wrath of #BangaloreTraffic

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If you thought #MumbaiTraffic was the worst thing that ever existed, you surely haven’t suffered the tedious, mind numbing wrath of #BangaloreTraffic!

Don’t worry. If you haven’t, we will paint a picture for you with Tweets from disgruntled sufferers from the Silicon Valley of India who have formed a community of sorts under the #BangaloreTraffic hashtag.

I mean what else could you do when you’re stuck in traffic for hours. One can finish novels, games, presentations, studies, get a degree, marry and have children by the time they get to their destination. Okay too far, I know.

Check out these hilarious #BangaloreTraffic tweets that will give every Bangalorean the feels, and make everyone not from Bangalore thank the heavens.

1. Accelerate, Brake, Clutch, Repeat


2. Knowledge is power.#BangaloreTraffic

3. Heavy or usual? In Bangalore, it's the same thing. #BangaloreTraffic

4. See, told you.#BangaloreTraffic

5. Sapna hoga. #BangaloreTraffic

6. Pan India! I propose special seminars#BangaloreTraffic

7. What are you doing in Bangalore Babu Bhaiya?#BangaloreTraffic

8. Goals#BangaloreTraffic

9. Like an earthquake kit!#BangaloreTraffic

10. I'm going to Bangalore every time my girlfriend tries to break up with me.#BangaloreTraffic

11. Literally out of words right now. #BangaloreTraffic

12. True af#BangaloreTraffic

13. AI shapat!#BangaloreTraffic

So, I'm not shifting to Bangalore anytime soon.

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