5 impressive Facebook Case Studies from the USA

Check out how Baked, Maserati USA, and many more became a part of the Facebook Case Studies USA and gain insights from these success stories.

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Facebook Case Studies USA

Through their exceptionally extensive products and tools such as Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, pixel and Canvas, Facebook has helped innumerable brands script successful campaigns. These are some of the most impressive Facebook Case Studies USA.

Brands such as luxury car manufacturer, Maserati, turned to Facebook to reach out to a premium audience for their first ever SUV, the Levante, whereas a neighbourhood cafe from NYC too tasted success by promoting their Thanksgiving pies. Unprecedented wide reach and effective targeting at a bare minimum cost is the platform’s USP and these Facebook Case Studies USA are a lesson in Facebook marketing for one and all.

Check out how Baked, Maserati USA, MeUndies and many more became a part of Facebook Case Studies USA and incorporate these insights into your next Facebook campaign!

1. Baked NYC

A bakery and cafe based in Brooklyn, New York City, born out of tireless endeavours of its founders, Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, Baked has had humble beginnings and is the quintessential example of a cozy neighborhood cafe and bakery.

Facebook Case Studies USA

The Baked Founders leveraged Facebook to grow their community and reach more people digitally, which is one of the most ideal channels of growth for Small and Medium Enterprises with a fraction of a cost and effective results.

Facebook Case Studies USA

Baked wished to go digital and urge people to sign up for their email list, which in turn would also promote their popular Thanksgiving pies which were available for pre-order.

Keeping their limited sources in mind, Baked partnered with Facebook’s Creative Shop team’s Mobile Studio to create videos using basic equipment that cost them little to nothing. Baked used $20 tripod, a $15 clamp lamp, a phone and a variety of apps to create stop-motion videos with animated text overlays.

Facebook Case Studies USA

They found bright close up shots of their products performed best and used them to run lead adverts with a CTA urging consumers to ‘Sign Up’, clicking upon which ushered them to a context card explaining what they were signing up for. Their Facebook profile data was used to automatically fill out their information on sign up forms. Baked targeted people who were enthusiastic about baking, and in their endeavour to reach out to new people, they specifically chose to exclude people who had already liked their Facebook Page.

Geographically, they chose to target people living within a one mile radius of both their cafes in NYC, in Manhattan and in Brooklyn.

Facebook Case Studies USA

"I can sum up Mobile Studio's impact with one word: simplicity. We were impressed with how easy it is to put together assets beyond static shots – and just as important, how to give new life to existing assets. Now, we've become mini creative directors with tons of ideas. And for businesses, it's always good to have lots of creative energy.", Matt Lewis, co-owner/co-founder, Baked NYC

Baked NYC’s campaign began on 9th November 2016, and concluded on Thanksgiving, helping the neighborhood cafe reach a wide local audience in the city and drive sales for their Thanksgiving pies.

2. MeUndies

The Los Angeles based innerwear manufacturer deemed the conventional selling of underwear boring and inconvenient, and like their products, sought to bring about a change.

Facebook Case Studies USA

MeUndies worked with Facebook to retargeted consumers who visited their website and added items to their shopping cart, yet did not make the purchase.

Facebook Case Studies USA

The company began their campaign by placing a Facebook Pixel on their website in order to track consumer activity that did not lead to a purchase.

Using Custom Audiences, MeUndies rolled out their campaign by creating three different segments of people based on the number of days it had been since they added products in their cart. The first segment consisted of people who added products to their carts within 7 days, second between 8-14 days ago and the third segment consisted of people who added products to their carts 15-30 days ago.

Facebook Case Studies USA

Further, MeUndies segregated their consumers based on their national or international location, in order to provide them with suitable offers, testing different offers with either audience.

Facebook Case Studies USA

MeUndies leveraged video, link and carousel adverts to showcase their products to their audience and the adverts were accompanied by short, casual copies. The company further opted to execute A/B testing to find out which adverts worked best.

Facebook Case Studies USA

"Facebook is an essential component of our marketing strategy. We've used Facebook and Instagram adverts to acquire loads of new customers and build a relationship with them that goes beyond just being the company they buy underwear from. We plan to continue using Facebook to spearhead our aggressive customer acquisition goals.",  Dan King, Director of Marketing, MeUndies

MeUndies Facebook campaign helped them make the most of their resources and also made Facebook their top source of customer acquisition.

3. Maserati USA

The luxury automobile manufacturer released their first ever SUV, the Levante, manufactured in Turin, Italy and revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016.

Facebook Case Studies USA

The Levante went on sale in Europe and North America during late 2016, and Maserati chose to harness the buzz around its launch to create leads through Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Case Studies USA

To generate leads for the Levante, Maserati USA collaborated with Universal McCann, SocialCode and Facebook to develop a 2 phase campaign.

Maserati USA highlighted each of the Levante’s selling points through multiple videos, capitalizing on data gathered from Polk, an automotive marketing and information provider, and reaching luxury SUV buyers through Facebook.

The company also leveraged Facebook’s Custom Audiences to reach people who had performed specific actions on, including the Levante landing page. Further, Maserati used Lookalike Audiences to reach more such people based on the list they created.

Facebook Case Studies USAMaserati leveraged lead ads that automatically fill in information through Facebook profiles when a user clicks on them, and in order to reach the most likely audience, Maserati only targeted people who had watched a video ad completely during their branding phase.

Facebook Case Studies USA

“Facebook provided us the ability to scale and reach our our niche audience with our Levante campaign across both Facebook and Instagram. We introduced our all-new Levante SUV to the right audience, collected prospective customers’ information and seamlessly connected them to their local Maserati retailer. We’re certainly going to continue exploring Facebook’s advertising solutions.”, Joseph Barbagallo, Marketing Communications Manager, Maserati North America

Masearti USA sold 127 Levantes from amongst the generated leads which peaked at 21,000, which is a significantly high number considering a high end luxury SUV.

4. FTX Games : Narcos Cartel Wars

FTX Games, previously known as Funtactix Games, are an online game development studio that designs games for mobile devices. Their most recent game, the Narcos Cartel Wars, was based on the hit Netflix show, Narcos, based on the Colombian drug trafficking ring of Pablo Escobar.

Facebook Case Studies USA

For Narcos : Cartel Wars, FTX Games had set their sight on expanding their user base in newer markets around the globe and also strengthening their existing player base, among fans of the popular show Narcos.

Facebook Case Studies USA

Developing a three pronged strategy, FTX Games set out to achieve their goal, first by targeting fans of the show Narcos, a user base that is highly likely to be interested. The company used interest targeting to reach these fans, and further applied Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences to reach similar users as their top players.

FTX Games ran ads across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network, employing catchy visuals of familiar characters that had a high probability of grabbing eyeballs. These visuals were projected through photo ads, carousel ads, cinemagraphs and videos.

Facebook Case Studies USA You can watch the video here.

In order to retain playing players, FTX Games applied re-engagement strategies in over 150 countries through worldwide targeting on Facebook in more than 8 different languages in Central and South America and Eastern Europe.

Finally, the company combined App Event Optimization with worldwide targeting to attract maximum number of players across the world at a fraction of the cost.

Facebook Case Studies USA

"With the appropriate assistance from the team at Facebook we took advantage of new advertising features that helped us reach more relevant people and drive great results. For example, App Event optimization helped us focus our marketing budget on the most profitable users while reaching our global audience during the most competitive time of the year.", Masha Kozlenkova, User Acquisition, FTX Games

FTX Games’s campaign for Narcos : Cartel Wars ran for months between August and December 2016, netting them a 3 times increase in new payer conversion rate, and more than double returns on 7 day and 30 day ad spends on ad spend respectively.

5. Beverly Hills Fitness

Founded with an aim towards providing quality home fitness equipment, Beverly Hills Fitness is David Brodess and Michael Cassey’s venture. It focuses on equipment designed and inspired from Pilates, Yoga, and cross training concepts.

Facebook Case Studies USA

Beverly Hills Fitness’ new product, the Supreme Toning Tower fitness system was the company’s prime focus and they intended to promote their newest product digitally through Facebook.

Facebook Case Studies USA

The company created a Canvas, a Facebook product that provides easy to use templates within no time, and introduced the Supreme Toning Tower to their target audience. An inexpensive and easy to use alternative to expensive and tacky home gym equipment, the product was still on the premium side of the price range for a lot of consumers.

In order to appeal to potential buyers, Beverly Hills Fitness used Canvas to educate their audience about the Supreme Toning Tower’s various features, and more information that positioned their product as an attractive prospect. Canvas enabled Beverly Hills Fitness to craft their message in a much more suitable way as compared to a photo ad.

Facebook Case Studies USA

Their core target audience being women between the ages of 35 and 65, the company offered testimonials from customers who had purchased and used the product, linked to their website where consumers could easily buy the Supreme Toning Tower.

Beverly Hills Fitness also targeted people who liked their Facebook Page through Custom Audiences, used Lookalike Audiences to target consumers who had visisted their website and previous customers, and used a broad targeting for fitness enthusiasts. Facebook’s Pixel once again helped the company track conversions on their website.

Facebook Case Studies USA

“Facebook has allowed us to connect with our core audience efficiently.”, David Brodess, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Beverly Hills Fitness.

Beverly Hills Fitness’ campaign ran from September 2015 to May 2016, and helped the company register a 3x return on ad spend and a heightened web traffic. The company’s Canvas demonstrations of product applications and testimonials too garnered a 51 second average view time and an 82% average view completion rate.

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