[Campaign Face Off] Borosil v/s Truebil

Sarmistha Neogy
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Borosil v/s Truebil

With a clutter of Independence Day campaigns, Social Samosa takes a look at which campaign performed better between Borosil v/s Truebil.

On the occasion of Independence Day this year, we saw Truebil and Borosil executing their respective campaigns in a similar way. Their tonality matched, but their messaging was different. Here’s a Campaign Face Off comparing the communication route taken by these brands.

Both the brands recreated our national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ using different sounds. While, Truebil, the used car market place, used the sound of vehicles on the road, Borosil used the sound of glass created by their employees.

Truebil attempted to salute the spirit of the unsung heroes on the roads, who work silently to make our lives easier - like policemen, rickshaw pullers, vendors, fireman or the taxi driver. Borosil on the other hand, through their Independence Day campaign attempted to make an anthem by the people for the people of the nation.


Using the magical sound of glass, Borosil has recreated our national anthem, it is shot at the brand’s Gujarat factory, where employees were given glass sticks to make sounds with the products they made. The brand has taken a beautiful initiative of engaging with their employees and uniting them in making an anthem by the people for the people of the nation.


On the occasion of India’s 71st Independence Day celebration, brand Truebil recreated our national anthem with purely vehicle sounds. The video features the unsung heroes who play a significant role in our daily lives, be it while traveling for work or leisure, our lives run smoother because of their selfless services.


Social media chatter

Borosil's campaign garnered around 2.6 million views on Facebook. The brand is also doing a great job of personally replying to people commenting on the spot.


Truebil video has clocked 732,000 views on Facebook. It falls flat in terms of engagement on their social media pages. Other than posting the video, there is no engagement on their page.



Expert Take

Social Samosa conversed with experts, Pragya Dhayani of Thoughtshop Advertising and Arijit Ray from PaperBoat Brandworks to understand their views on which campaign performs better.

publive-image Pragya Dhayani, Creative Director, Thoughtshop Advertising & Film Production

Pragya Dhayani, Creative Director, Thoughtshop Advertising & Film Production said “A national anthem can never go wrong, it can never be good or bad. Both the themes are beautiful, but for me, Borosil video stands out because it is more technically sound. Using Borosil equipment with their employees creates a better connect and looks more original than the mashup done by Truebil.”




Echoing similar views, Arijit Ray, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, PaperBoat Brandworkspointed out, "Both

publive-image Arijit Ray, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, PaperBoat Brandworks

are interesting executions, albeit this space has seen a quite a few. Hence any idea around the National Anthem might not pass the ‘Originality’ muster with flying colors. Nevertheless, they are nice pieces. While the Truebil spot is better crafted and produced, the Borosil spot connects better.

Explaining what he likes about the Borosil video, Ray shares, “It works at multiple levels. At one level, it is built on a premise that has the potential to build a strong emotional connect with the employees of Borosil. Because the anthem has been strung together from sounds produced by the employees. At the other level, it connects with the public at large through a powerful audio-visual melody composed from glass, the core product of the Company. One would imagine an initiative like this designed inside-out, would have had a huge impact on the motivation and morale of its employees. And obviously generated a healthy word-of-mouth internally to external audiences. Hence from an overall perspective, it is more integrated and robust as a communication initiative.”

According to him, the Truebil initiative ticks the boxes, in terms of relevance to category, it might, however, lose a few points if one has to evaluate it through the “Integration’ filter sheerly on account of the fact that it has not been built ground-up or ‘employee-first” as the Borosil idea has been designed.

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