6 Illustrations from DoodleODrama that would make you introspect


The pen truly is mightier than the sword when it comes to Mounica Tata, and her artsy Instagram corner, DoodleODrama!

Mounica Tata, based in Bangalore, owns the Instagram account DoodleODrama, a compilation of beautifully honest images, accompanied by powerful messages that are rarely spoken about today. Mounica uses her art and her account to spread the word about feminism, social evils such as Marital Rape, Body Shaming, and many more everyday problems that many women face.

Her doodles and minimal artworks say so much with so little, and are something every woman can relate to! See for yourself.

1. Decoding the Myths about feminism

2. Marital Rape, the existence of which is barely acnowledged

3. Periods 101

Swipe left ?? Yeah! Because on normal days I am a potato who likes to wear pyjamas and stare at the ceiling but on my period, my sanitary pad commercial wants me to wear their pads, put on WHITE tight pants and go climb the Himalayas because why not! Also, this whole debate that's currently going on about whether women should get their first day of period off or not is kinda silly (imho). Some women are blessed to not feel a thing when they get their 'chums' but others are not so lucky. It's not a regressive step or just because I would want to take the first day of my period off, make me a lesser woman or feminist. It's a nice gesture and shows that people are finally waking up to this and are being compassionate! So women, stop fighting women. Stop belittling someone else's pain. You won't apply the same logic to maternity leave, would you? Because well, women have been giving birth since the beginning of time so they are used to it. Pop a pill and report to work the next day (are you listening Barkha?) Feminism is fighting for equal rights for men and women. We are biologically still women so we will bleed and in some cases, reproduce. So it's OK if a company wants to give their women employees an option of taking the first day off on their period. OVER AND OUT! #periods #sanitarypads #periodleave #culturemachine #periodproblems #advertising #women #feminism

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4. Embracing Singlehood

5. Societal compulsions and the battle against conformity!

Kick-starting the series I was working on. #shame I fail to recall the exact moment in my life when my body hair became repulsive to me and to boys around me. I wasn't 'ashamed' of hairy legs when I was in school but the concept of 'shame' or embarrassment was introduced to me in the subsequent years. We like buttery smooth hairless skin because (most of us atleast) have been programmed and brainwashed into thinking that only our scalp is allowed to have hair. Everything else about us should be #smooth #silky and #eyebrowsonfleek. Obviously, you do you. You like to shave/wax/thread, go ahead. You like to stay hairy and warm, go ahead! But I'm just wondering out aloud, at the end of the day it's just hair! Please let me know of things you've been shamed for or you are embarrassed of. This is a series so you're going to see more of these. #bodyconfetti #bodyhair #whytheshame #youdoyou #women #body

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#shame series-6. I have my fair share of greys and silvers and it doesn't bother me one bit. If it bothers you, change it and if it doesn't, then leave it be. But don't ever let someone else shame you for it. That's pretty much been the core essence of this #shameseries. This is the last of the lot. I am also aware that it does not end here but what I've tried to do is start something. A dialogue. A thought process. Which in turn ( I am hoping) would end something; the shame. I want to thank all of you amazing men and women out there who shared their experiences via comments and messages. More power to you, more power to us. THANK YOU ? . . . #endtheshame #mybodymyrules #greyhair #women #sorrynotsorry #notashamed #beyou #bodyimage

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6. The struggles of every bride

#doodleodrama guidebook on how to build a #bride

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Check out more of her work at DoodleODrama on Instagram, and let us know about your favorite doodle in the comments below or write to us at [email protected]


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