A dish wash brand urges people to use #EkBartanKam


Xpert Dishwash launched a new campaign titled #EkBartanKam which urges consumers to use one utensil less, so that the person managing the house gets a little time to themselves.

#EkBartanKam is a story of a woman, who is overburdened with all her duties, which also includes washing utensils of all her family members. As a result, she is not being able to spend quality time with her children or her husband. She doesn’t have time for herself either – one of the less discussed issues of the Indian society. Xpert therefore, urges people to help her in reducing the load, by using less utensils.

It is indeed a refreshing attempt made by a dish washing brand, where they are promoting the use of less utensils.

On YouTube the film has got more around 1.7 million views and on Facebook, it has clocked more than 4.8 million views and has been shared around 20,000 times.

The campaign has earned a lot of positive response on social media and people have appreciated the attempt made by the brand and they could find it relatable.

On the other hand, there were some negative comments as well from people, who have accused the brand of promoting slavery and stereotyping the role of a woman, as the home-maker was only shown washing the utensils.


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