Facebook Watch : A place to watch original shows and video content

The world’s largest social network has finally figured out how to bring original video content to their platform through Facebook Watch.

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Facebook Watch : A place to watch original shows and video content

The world’s largest social network has finally figured out how to bring original video content to their platform, and have christened it as Facebook Watch.

A platform designed for both mobile and desktop versions of the app, Facebook Watch is intended to help audiences discover new shows, organized under a Watchlist that makes sure all your favourite shows are available easily.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Director of Product, Daniel Danker explains how Facebook Watch offers personalized suggestions to users, “..you’ll find sections like “Most Talked About,” which highlights shows that spark conversation, “What’s Making People Laugh,” which includes shows where many people have used the “Haha” reaction, and “What Friends Are Watching,” which helps you connect with friends about shows they too are following.”

Facebook Watch

Currently, these are the shows and content creators that are a part of Facebook Watch and will contribute live and recorded shows to the platform,

Tastemade’s Kitchen Little : This cooking show sees kids watch a how-to recipe video, then instruct a pro chef how to make the dish with comedic results.

Major League Baseball : The MLB will broadcast one game a week live on Facebook.

Major League Baseball “12:25 Live” : A comedic look at baseball with help from the fans.

Mike Rowe : Rowe finds people who’ve done great things for their community and gives them a special experience in return.

Nas Daily : Vlogger Nas (Correction: Not the rapper) makes videos with his biggest friends each day.

Gabby Bernstein : Motivational speaker and author answers fans’ life questions in live and recorded segments.

Facebook Watch

A&E’s “Bae or Bail” :  Reality TV game show where couples face their fears and see who runs.

All Def Digital’s “Inside the Office” : A look inside the office life at Russel Simmons’ hip-hop media empire.

Billboard’s “How it Went Down” : A documentary series of musicians sharing crazy stories.

David Lopez’s “My Social Media Life” : A reality show about the social media star’s life.

Golden State Warriors’ “Championship Rewind” :  A behind-the-scenes look at the Bay Area’s NBA championship 2016-2017 season.

Univision Deportes’ “Liga MX” : Live coverage of LigaMX soccer matches.

National Geographic’s “We’re Wired that Way" : Mini-documentaries about weird quirks of humanity like songs you can’t get out of your head.

National Geographic’s “Safari Live” : Watch live safaris led by National Geographic’s guides.

NASA’s “Science @ NASA” : Explore science topics in quick four to five-minute episodes.

NBA’s “WNBA All-Access” : A behind the scenes show with women’s basketball stars.

The Dodo’s “Comeback Kids: Animal Edition” features determined animals facing difficult conditions or challenges meet people who refuse to give up on them.

Tommy Mac : A master woodworker gives live tutorials on how to make furniture.

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TechCrunch’s Josh Constine reveals basic details about the revenue sharing model that Facebook has decided, maybe for now.

According to Josh, Facebook will keep 45 percent of the revenue generated whereas the creator gets a 5 per cent share for their content.

Josh further elaborates how creators could make money through their content, “Publishers can choose to insert ad breaks if they want to earn money off their shows, though the guidelines on where and how long they can be are still being finalized. If publishers want to give away their content, they don’t have to show ads. Another option is to do product placed or branded content, in which case the creator has to tag the sponsor paying them for transparency.”

Facebook Watch

Groups can be linked to a show’s episode where fans can join the community and discuss their thoughts and opinions with like minded viewers.

Facebook is not putting all their eggs in the content creator basked as they have also admitted to funding some shows as Daniel Danker disclosed on the official blog post, “We think Watch will be home to a wide range of shows, from reality to comedy to live sports. To help inspire creators and seed the ecosystem, we’ve also funded some shows that are examples of community-oriented and episodic video series.”

Mark Zuckerberg shared the news through his personal account and wrote, “We believe it's possible to rethink a lot of experiences through the lens of building community -- including watching video. Watching a show doesn't have to be passive. It can be a chance to share an experience and bring people together who care about the same things.”

Facebook Watch


It was widely known how Facebook was planning to lure content creators to their platform and was also looking towards developing an effective monetization model to bring original video content. Mark Zuckerberg has made it very clear that he thinks that video is the future of Facebook and Watch is a pretty big step towards that future.

Facebook is already clocking in an estimated 8 billion video views each day, although not many of it is original video content and made no money for Facebook or the content creators.

If you’re excited to get a look and feel of Facebook Watch, you are going to have to wait, since Facebook has opted for a slower roll out beginning with select users in the United States of America.

Even with Content Creators, Facebook has opted to work with a select group of them and are planning to work with more creators soon.

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