This heartbreaking campaign shows the deep rooted gender inequality

Apeksha Harihar
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Taking forward the conversation on ‘Preactivism’ – Jaago Re launched their second hard-hitting gender inequality campaign

Taking forward the conversation on ‘Preactivism’ – Jaago Re launched their second hard-hitting film that showcases an instance of gender inequality we most often ignore.

The film depicts how we perpetuate the notion that women are the weaker sex and thus, inferior to men through a simple conversation that a father has with his son after the boy loses to a girl in a race.

In the brand’s earlier film as part of the Preactivism series, it showed a mother discriminating between her son and daughter, and not allowing the latter to step out and play, instead, advises her to learn some cooking which will come useful when she gets married.

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, the campaign aims to educate and drive awareness on the urgent need to create a safer environment for women in India. By educating people about instances of gender inequality and addressing it at a grassroot level, Jaago Re 2.0 aims to combat the larger issue of women safety in India by establishing a more gender-sensitive environment where boys and girls are perceived as equals. It highlights that ‘how inequality gets learnt, equality needs teaching’.

Commenting on the new film, Rishi Chadha, Head Marketing – Tea, Tata Global Beverages said, “It is our firm belief that true social change can only occur when we address the root cause of a social issue. To effectively combat the rising cases of violence and discrimination against women, we need to dispel the incorrect notions of male superiority that are knowingly or unknowingly taught to young children and then continued into adulthood. Therefore, it is imperative to educate our children about gender sensitivity so that both boys and girls can grow up in a mutually equal and respectful environment.” 

Jaago Re hopes to bring about a policy level change by inspiring people to pre-act and sign the petition to the Ministry of Human Resource Development to make gender sensitization compulsory in schools. The campaign also encourages parents to take a personal pledge to practice and teach gender sensitivity to their children at home. Since its launch, close to eight lakh people have joined the Preactivism movement by signing the petition to create a better and safer India. 

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