Now HBO's social media accounts hacked!

After leaks, hacks and mistakenly airing a Game Of Thrones episode, HBO's social media accounts have been hacked as their nightmare continues

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HBO's social media

The nightmare just refuses to end for HBO, and it would not be a stretch to imagine if the channel could be cursed. Now, HBO’s social media accounts have been hacked and it’s difficult not to laugh.

It has been a tumultuous month for HBO who endured hacks, crashed servers, leaks, costly mistakes and now even HBO’s social media has been hit by hacker group, OurMine.

HBO's social media

OurMine claimed responsibility for the breach through a tweet they posted from HBO’s official Twitter account claiming to be ‘testing their security’. What a time to kick someone when they’re down right?

HBO's social media


“OurMine is well known for taking over Twitter accounts of a wide range of media accounts in recent years including Netflix, Marvel and Google. The damage doesn’t seem to ever extend beyond just demonstrating the group’s ability to take over the account.” as reported by Variety.

BBC reports that OurMine have also been involved with hacking into Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales’ accounts.

Well, it’s just beginning to look sad now, after the initial Schadenfreude has also begun to fade away. Game of Thrones fans, who happen to be one of the most anxiously patient people on the planet, waiting for Mondays did rejoice when hackers leaked the fourth episode from season 7, and then HBO Spain proceeded to shoot themselves in the foot by airing the sixth episode by mistake.

And now insult to injury. Wonder how HBO will retaliate. People will be fired. Questions will be asked. Answers will be demanded.

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