[Infographic ] The four pillars of Crisis Management

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Crisis Management

The only certain thing about a crisis is that sooner or later, every organization has to face one, and knowing the basics of crisis management are a must for every digital marketer out there.

If it can happy to Maggi and KFC, it can happen to anyone of us. Be it in the form of excess lead or a fried rat! A crisis could stretch from being a spate of bad reviews on a review website to an online sabotage from untrustworthy sources, and they need to be tackled accordingly.

Damage control and bouncing back are easier said than done if a business has no concrete crisis management plan in place. A strategy and the right people to take timely actions during a crisis are very important.

Build an effective strategy with the Four Pillars of Crisis Management to help your business never suffer a grave setback, and lose favorable consumer sentiment.

Crisis Management

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