Instagram Stories turns one!

Instagram Stories turns one

Well, Facebook’s grandchild just turned one, and is already an Ivy League-ish prodigy. Okay let me explain that better. Instagram Stories turns one, and has beaten Snapchat to just about everything.

As Instagram Stories turns one, and being an overwhelming success at it, has sent Snap Inc’s stock spiralling downwards to an all time low of $12.67.

Not only that, Instagram has also beaten Snapchat in terms of average time spent by users on either platform which makes this Instagram Stories timeline even more interesting as we can revisit how Snapchat’s dwindle began as Instagram Stories rose.

Instagram claims that users under the age of 25 spend an average amount of more than 32 minutes on Instagram Stories everyday, and those above 25 years of age spend more than 24 minutes on Stories.

Snapchat on the other hand reported that their users under the age of 25, spend 30 minutes of time on the platform on average, whereas the ones above 25, devoted 20 minutes of their daily time to the ephemeral platform.

With regards to creativity, Instagram appears to be beaming with pride as they claim to have released up to 20 new features in the course of one year in order to urge their audience to be more creative!

On the business front, Instagram Stories turns one to even more good news. Over 50% of businesses have produced an Instagram Story in the last month itself, and one in five organic Stories have been responded to with a Direct Message from a user, so that’s definitely a yay!

Instagram could not find a more opportune moment to unveil their new Stickers. Have a look at them.

Instagram Stories turns one

The company has also released some information pertaining to the popularity of Instagram Stories, and the things that are popular on it, such as the most used hashtags, locations, stickers, and face filters.

The most popular Location Tags on Instagram Stories are,

Jakarta, Indonesia

São Paulo, Brazil

New York, NY

London, UK

Madrid, Spain

The Top 10 most popular hashtags on Instagram Stories are,









#BOMDIA (mean

s hello or good day in Portuguese)


The top five Stickers, an inspiration within an inspriation, are,

Vibrant Location sticker

Digital time sticker

“Like” sticker

Hashtag sticker

Weather sticker

And finally, the most popular Face Filters (you know) are,

Puppy ears (inspiration within inspiration within inspiration, phew!)

Sleep mask

Bunny ears

Love with heart-shaped darts

Koala ears

The blog post ends with an expression of gratitude, “From all of us at Instagram, thank you for all the moments you share on Instagram Stories!”