25 most randomly funny tweets you will see today

Prepare yourself for some of the most random, yet some of the most funny tweets that you are going to see today!

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Funny tweets

These tweets have absolutely no relation to each other except for the fact that they are hysterical; these are 25 of the most randomly funny tweets you will see today.

From atrocious puns that they had absolutely no regrets for and some of our favourite, Rahul and Kejriwal jokes, to some mildly offensive tweets, your sanity will be tested. I kid you not. These Twitter jesters are literally the ones we need and the ones we deserve. Don’t believe me?

Check out these 25 funny tweets that are as ridiculous as they are hilarious, but will make you smile nevertheless.

1. Namo Kejru 4evaaaa

Funny tweets

2. True StoryFunny tweets

3. Amit Shah goes to MLA Mart on first weekend of every month Funny tweets

4. xxxDDDD Funny tweets

5. Done that.Funny tweets Funny tweets

6. Is this sexist? Funny tweets

7. Cue Mortal Kombat music!! Funny tweets

8. This is definitely sexist. Funny tweets

9. Right in the feels Funny tweets

10. It has been arranged. Funny tweets11. Ohhh! Funny tweets

12. Heart reacts only Funny tweets13. *giggles*  Funny tweets14. WOW Funny tweets15.  Valuable tip tbh Funny tweets16. Burn!!!!!! Funny tweets18. Makes sense Funny tweets19. No ragrets Funny tweets

20. hahaha Funny tweets21. Still hurts Funny tweets22. Okay this is not even a bad pun Funny tweets

23. Nahiiiii Funny tweets

24. naiyo naiyo intensifiesFunny tweets25. Kejru is rox  Funny tweets

Laughed a little? Hope that helped.

Tell us about your favourite tweets in the comments section, or write to us at or in the comments below.

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