Linen Club's Made for the different features Farhan Akhtar

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Made for the Different

Linen Club launched their latest campaign featuring actor Farhan Akhtar, titled, Made for the different aiming to highlight the versatility of linen in colours and patterns like never before and a personality that’s refreshingly different.

The campaign conceptualized by Publicis shows linen in a new light, one that offers a lot more than plain pastels, solid colours and that surreal feel associated with the category.

The ad targets the men who are breaking the rules set out by their earlier counterparts. These men believe in the journey and not the destination. They embrace their flaws and imperfections. They are a constant work-in-progress.  

Speaking on the new campaign, Bobby Pawar, MD & Chief Creative Officer, Publicis India said, “It is said that ‘Clothes maketh the man’. Though through this campaign we are communicating a step further; clothes matchet the man! By drawing similarities between the person’s personality traits and those of Linen, which he chooses as his fabric of choice. Hence, the big idea behind the campaign being ‘Made for the different’.”

Srija Chatterjee, Managing Director, Publicis India, added, “Unlike other run-of-the-mill campaigns in this category, we have ensured that this campaign stays true to the core of the brand and the intended communication, which is ‘Made for the different’. Farhan Akhtar is the right choice to bring to life this new idea as his personality matches seamlessly with the brand philosophy and is an apt and fresh face introduction to this category. We are excited about this campaign and are confident that it will do wonders to the brand and its ambitions.”

Talking about the branding strategy, Satyaki Ghosh, CEO, Domestic Textiles, Aditya Birla Group, said, “Publicis Communications has a strong legacy when it comes to successfully building fashion and apparel brands; so we couldn’t have chosen a better creative partner to take Linen Club to the next level. We are excited about the reveal of the new campaign which I am sure will not only showcase Linen Club’s philosophy but will also relate beautifully with the audiences.”

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