#MuftiSpinTheDeal : A successful transition from digital to physical footfalls

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One of India's fastest growing apparel brands, Mufti wished to enhance their offline sales during the GST introduction, a period during which many brands rolled out sales and promotional offers.


Mufti leveraged digital channels of promotion through #MuftiSpinTheDeal in order to boost footfalls and sales for their physical stores and outlets before the GST transition began.


Mufti worked towards boosting their sales during the arrival of GST, a period wherein many brands offered sales and promotional offers, and buyers and consumers too went into overdrive with their purchases.

However, the brand took its offer to the next level by introducing #MuftiSpinTheDeal via a digital marketing campaign especially for its users on social media. The agency combined all current offers in-store into a simple creative in the "Spin-The-Wheel" format with the help of GIFs.


The idea for #MuftiSpinTheDeal was kept simple where people were asked to take screenshots of the desired sale they were interested in mentioned on each spoke of the wheel. Followed by users being asked to share the screenshot with the brand through direct messaging feature on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to earn an additional 10% discount.


The discount could be availed through a unique code made by the client exclusively for their social media users which could be redeemed at any of their stores.

The activity was carried out from the 19th of June until 15th of July on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


Mufti garnered an enormous amount of impressions through social media platforms, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gathering a cumulative 26,92,144 Impressions, and Engagement of 28,694.

The social media engagement from #MuftiSpinTheDeal helped Mufti receive 391 entries through Facebook, 4 entries through Twitter and 754 entries through Instagram.

A successful transition from Social to offline was seen via this campaign that received a total of 1149 entries for a unique code to acquire the additional 10% off - which could be redeemed at their stores. This eventually led to sales to the tune of seven figures.

The highest performing platform was Instagram with 754 unique participants, followed by Facebook with 391 unique participants and 4 unique participants on Twitter.

Jamnagar, Surat and Jaipur were the highest performing cities for Mufti's campaign with over 28 stores across the country registering activity during the promotional campaign.


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