Ola Share(s) a hand of friendship this #FriendshipDay

Moment marketing or occassion marketing boils down to nothing if the brand doesn’t convey what they stand for. Be it their offering or their brand philosophy, it has to be blended with the occasion or the trend and only then is born a campaign worth the budget and efforts.

Ola’s Friendship Day campaign caught our attention for precisely the same reason. The radio cab brand initiated #ShareAConnection, a campaign to promote their Ola Share service. As a part of the offering, Ola is now offering Share Passes at INR 1 and this was seamlessly blended in their communication with creative storytelling.

The brand released three videos, each narrating a story of connections or friendships forged during Share rides.

The first video portrays a start-up entrepreneur on his way to a Business Pitch! While he narrates the pitch as a practice to his friend over the phone, his Share partner is rather impressed and leaves the protagonist his visiting card! The fellow passenger is then revealed to be a VC, leading to how important connections can be made anywhere.

The second spot, shows two co-passengers of an Ola Share ride, bonding over the same college. The gossip, the chit-chat, and fun banter create an everlasting bond.

The final video is every nerd’s dream come true! Catching up with fellow nerds and speaking incessantly about Team Marvel (in this case) – yes, those are the kind of connections you want, and that is the connection two Marvel fans find while sharing a ride.

The stories being inspired from real instances makes them more relatable and heartwarming.

The campaign beautifully puts forth that true bonds can be created anywhere and anytime! Parallelly, Ola comes across as a brand associated with friendship, a facilitator, always creating new bonds on the go.

An Ola Share pass for a fee as nominal as INR 1, further positions the brand as a pal looking out for its buddies with great gratification.

With #ShareAConnection, Ola managed to breathe in a bit of their ideology, helping consumers bridge a direct connect with the brand.