Skoda adds a creative touch to Independence Day celebrations

How would you like to celebrate the Independence Day? Hoist the flag? See patriotic movies? Revisit landmarks? Well, even if you did all of it, your Independence Day wouldn’t be half as interesting as celebrated by Skoda.

In one of a kind consumer activation, the automobile brand invited Skoda Octavia owners for a unique experience. Illuminating their lives with the beauty of lights, Octavia owners were given the opportunity to learn light painting, from one of the best in the industry – Jeswin Rebello.

Renowned light painter, Jeswin offered one in a lifetime opportunities to Skoda owners, offering to teach them light painting. Pumping with enthusiasm, the participants grabbed their tools and set off on an interesting journey.

To begin with, Rebello taught his students making some basic shapes and structs with lights. A fun activity, all the participants were seen having the time of their lives. The Octavia owners were learning to master the skill and spelled out Skoda with their painting.

Through the beautiful light paintings, Skoda took its consumers on a journey through India. An Octavia traveling through various landmarks of the country such as Gate Way of India and Qutub Minar, through a very beautiful light painting.

With the video, Skoda managed to breathe in fresh air in the clutter of activations and campaigns for occasions. The light painting wasn’t just creative, but also included their existing customers in the initiative – strengthening the bond.

With the light painting car zooming through India with ease and grandeur on the occasion of Independence Day, Skoda managed to pay tribute to the diversity of our Nation.