Social Samosa Agency Feature – AdLift


Who are we?

AdLift is a leading global digital marketing agency founded in 2009, which focuses on delivering niche-marketing solutions that focus on ROI. At AdLift, prime focus remains on providing its clients with individualized, expert search and social marketing solutions that drive advertiser value. The company is serving an impressive roster of clients ranging from small start-ups to marquee brands, including numerous Fortune 100 companies. The company has years of proven results under its belts, which it has accomplished through a unique combination of technical search analysis, content marketing via its proprietary software, data-driven digital marketing research, evergreen content creation and social media strategies. In the past 6+ years AdLift has worked with over 250 partners.

In 2013, AdLift was named 8th fastest growing mid-size company by INC 500. AdLift is 90+ person team – located in San Francisco, Gurgaon, Mumbai

What’s in the name?

We’re a performance marketing agency. Our goal from the get go has been to provide a positive return on investment for our partners – a Lift. Hence the name – AdLift.

What we do?

We work as a full service digital marketing agency across – SEO, PPC/SEM, and paid social and organic social media management. Our core competency lies in content marketing where we’ve built a content platform – Content Lift – that helps advertisers scale their content marketing efforts. We also, work with solutions such as Taboola and Outbrain to further catapult the content outreach.

In January 2016, we started a joint venture between AdLift, a leading global digital marketing agency and YouWeCan Ventures, a Yuvraj Singh initiative new venture called Yral (pronounced ‘viral’). Yral seamlessly connects advertisers with celebrities by leveraging their social media network. Yral’s goal is to deliver the right audience and scalable reach to its advertisers by leveraging modern social media platforms.

Today, brands need to jump through hoops to reach the right celebrity/influencer. Moreover, celebrities have unprecedented reach and a strong connect with their followers/fans on social which remains underutilized. Yral makes it easier to leverage a celebrity (real influencer) to endorse their brand online.

Why we do it?

We’ve innovated and decided with data. Online marketing is extremely trackable – our goal is to track results for campaigns managed by us and deliver the targeted ROI for our clients. We’ve done this very effetely since our inception in 2009. Where a lot of web solution companies have closed shop – AdLift has grown 110% in strength in the last 2 years. The Indian advertising marketing is growing rapidly. Currently it’s at $1B and its slated to double to $2B before 2019. With advertisers focused closely on online advertising (social, SEO, PPC) – the Indian market is positioned for success.

How we evolve?

AdLift is a bootstrapped digital marketing agency that’s become a multi-million dollar global digital marketing agency without any angel/VC investment. The company specifically works in North America and APAC markets where its focus is in driving digital marketing ROI for its clients. Company’s USP lies in:

1) Its expert team on in-house data analyst and search marketing experts and

2) Content marketing platform – Content Lift that’s used by 90% of its clients including – Barnes & Noble, ICICI, PayPal, HDFC and many more.

Social responsibility in social media

Social media is all over the place currently. There are multiple examples that as an agency we come across the situation where brands cutting their offline budget and preferring to go for online campaigns. Maximum chunk of their target audience is now active online and no company want to miss this opportunity. But the nature of online audience is polls apart from offline one because of the instant response feature. You need to be extremely cautious on what to post as anything going against the stream can result in backlash from the netizens who remain every active online. And denting a knocked image cost you both financially and socially.

Need of the hour

As we said earlier, a data-driven tracking of ROI for the campaigns we manage for our clients, is one of the best features of online marketing, itself. However, as well as this tracking is readily managed across the SEO arm, the SMO arm is constantly evolving in this regard. The industry collectively needs to bridge the gap between these arms, sometime soon enough.

We learned the hard way

We witnessed early on some really large agencies go under. Reason behind these was aiming to grow too fast too quickly, investing more on sales to new clients than delivery and management of existing clients. AdLift invests more on existing clients that brining on new clients.

Did we just share that?

Funny or amusing experiences in our line of work could be disastrous! We prefer to reserve the amusing experiences for happy hour!

They work with us

Kent RO, ICICI Lombard, Urban Clap& OYO Rooms are to name a few.

Industry as we foresee

Internet usage in India is at 28% of total population (US is at 87%) compare this with 10% are on social media (US is at 57%). The opportunity to growth in the social media segment is enormous. Average daily use on social media now exceeds television in India. This coupled with the fact that social media spending has doubled in the last 2 years to $250M and is slated to triple in the next two years to $750M by 2018. Our strategy is to tap in to this market via Yral – our social media brand endorsement platform. Yral gives digital marketing via social media a new fillip – that’s our strategy.

A day without Internet

Intentionally, there is no such thing as a day without Internet for professionals as it will drag you a step back among competitors. However, a day without internet usually happens during internet when I need to spend quality time with my family. We decide a common day for it and love to take maximum out of that day.