Twitter users share the Best Pickup Line they have ever heard! And they're hilarious!

These Twitter users share the best pickup line they have ever heard. But did they work? Maybe! Find out for yourself....

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Best Pickup Line

These Twitter users congregated under one hashtag, the hashtag of people who have been at the receiving end of smooth criminals armed with the best pickup line ever!

You gotta move over the cheesy, “Did it hurt?... When you fell from heaven!” to the “You must be tired because you were running through my mind all day” stuff. Let’s establish one fact first, that you have probably been hit on at least once in your entire life, and that certainly is an experience in itself. Although not many people have the good fortune of hearing the best pickup line of their lives!

Whether it’s on a crowded dance floor, at the bar, in a coffee shop, or a random internet man or woman, these Twitter users share the best pickup line they have ever heard. But did they work? Maybe!

1. *Victoria's Secret models lean in*

Best Pickup Line2. This is my personal favourite. Best Pickup Line3. Baby you just got hit by a smooooooth criminal! Best Pickup Line4. There has to be one Game Of Thrones reference right? Best Pickup Line5. Minus 2 points because not reusable, but brilliant though!Best Pickup Line6. Oooooohhhh...Best Pickup Line7. I see what you did there, but I'm still mad at Rose because there was clearly space for two people on that door!Best Pickup Line8. Together, we could be a 10. Best Pickup Line9. Can I get an Amen fellaaas?

Best Pickup Line10. Nasty.Best Pickup Line12. It's win-win!Best Pickup Line13. When an accountant hits on you!

Best Pickup Line

Lastly, an honorary mention of the way you guys should be doing it!

Best Pickup LineTell us about the Best Pickup Line you have ever heard in the comments or write to us at or in the comments below and we will include yours in our article!

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