Twitter recorded over 280,000 conversations on #RightToPrivacy

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The Supreme Court of India unanimously ruled that privacy is a fundamental right #RightToPrivacy blew up on Twitter with unprecedented conversation around the topic.

Twitter reacted with 283,850 conversations on the landmark #RightToPrivacy judgement that will impact the lives of 134 crore Indians.

The top hashtags that were used to express delight, opinions, suggestions and implications of the declaration included #RightToPrivacy, #fundamentalright, #Article21, #IndianConstitution and #Aadhar. The global conversation over a 36-hour period between 24 - 25 Aug 2017 can be seen in the heatmap below.


Mahima Kaul (@misskaul), Head- Public, Policy and Government, Twitter India said, “Twitter is the best place to know what’s happening in India and the world. It is heartening to see the legal community and civil society at large sharing knowledge and expressing their opinions on Twitter about the privacy debate in India. Many experts have Tweeted out detailed conversation threads that are widely shared and the high volume of conversations around the new ruling on Twitter highlights the active citizenry in India that has advanced as we move towards a digital nation.”

Here are some of the top Tweets surrounding #RightToPrivacy, 

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