How Pizza Hut’s Social Network Box garnered 1.5 million impressions

Social Network Box


Pizza Hut


Team Pumpkin

Pizza Hut, one of the world’s largest fast food chains unveiled their new product, the Triple Treat Box, carrying three of Pizza Hut’s finest food works.


The campaign Social Network Box was intended to promote Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box, and also to promote ‘the pizza’ as a medium for socialization through sharing a meal in a social gathering.


The Social Network Box was launched in phases, beginning with the Teaser phase wherein Pizza Hut engaged with their audience through questions such as ‘Which is the one Feature you would like to add on your social network?’ and ‘What do you long for on a social networking channel?’

Social Network BoxNext, the Triple Treat Box was launched under the hashtag #socialNetworkBox and the salient features of the new product were explained to the audience. Further, a video was released through Pizza Hut’s official Facebook Page to further entice their audience.

Social Network Box

For the next phase of the campaign, Pizza Hut introduced a social media contest asking their consumers and followers to participate by decorating their Triple Treat Box.

Social Network BoxOne of the most trending activities on social media, the Mannequin Challenge too was leveraged by the brand in order to generate excitement and intrigue around the Triple Treat Box. Friendship, socializing and get togethers were highlighted through further posts and videos, finally concluding with re-educating the audience about the Triple Treat Box.


The Social Network Box hashtag trended on Twitter during the campaign launch, on 23rd December 2016, for more than an hour, registering a Reach of more than 12 lac 31k on Facebook.

Social Network Box

It also helped Pizza Hut generate an Engagement of more than 55.5k on Facebook, whereas on Twitter, the campaign registered a Reach of more than 2 lacs 67k with an Engagement of 7.2k.

Social Network Box

Total Impressions for the campaign peaked at 1.5 million and Engagement at 56.2k, thereby fulfilling the campaign objectives of creating awareness, and the contest helped the brand generate a significant amount of User Generated Content.