Whisper Ultra Soft & Leo Burnett rebel with Sit Improper

Sit Improper

Not many know prejudice like women do, every day, with every movement of a muscle, there is someone telling them this is not the way they are supposed to ‘behave’! Society has even dictated the way women choose to sit and Whisper in collaboration with Leo Burnett India is fighting back with their campaign, Sit Improper

Sit Improper – the new digital campaign from the feminine hygiene brand Whisper , conceptualized and executed by Leo Burnett India has all the right ingredients for a social media movement, and the campaign video too is compelling. A small teaser to kick-start the campaign was done by TVF’s women centric channel Girliyapa.

Featuring a voiceover of the scolding that every girl has gone through while they grew up, asking them to ‘sit properly’, the video has already racked up 124k views within 3 days, with more than 1.1k shares and 544 shares.

#SitImproper resonated well with their target audience, and the majority of reactions and comments appreciated the concept and the execution of the campaign video. Whisper’s decision to collaborate with Girliyapa, who align perfectly with the message they are attempting to deliver, was a good idea.

Giriliyapa has previously undertaken many women centric causes and topics and is one of the most popular content creators on social media today, and their content is highly appreciated by their audience.