Chota Step Badi Baat - yet another attempt to break gender stereotype

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Chota Step Badi Baat

Hindustan Unilever’s Comfort Fabric Conditioner released a new campaign titled Chota Step Badi Baat which makes a small effort towards ‘breaking gender stereotypes’ that exist within the household.

The ad is conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather drives home this message through a beautiful story.

In the ad, a mother notices that her children are conditioned to think that laundry is something that only her daughter will have to learn. She astutely changes this mindset, by getting her son involved in the washing process, thus demonstrating that it is equally important for both the son and daughter to learn this. With this, the ad highlights the small examples that we can set in our homes, which can make an impactful change in the future.

Talking about the conceptualization of the campaign, Kainaz Karmakar and Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy, said, “The idea for ‘Chota Step, Badi Baat’ was born very simply from Comfort’s product proposition – How one small step of using Comfort after wash, has a significant & big impact on one’s clothes. Then on, we simply had to make this little product truth connect seamlessly with a human truth - that in life, even one small step in the right direction can result in a lasting, positive impact. We are happy that even beyond this execution; the space is very promising for various future engagements.”

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Priya Nair, Executive Director, Home Care, Hindustan Unilever, said, “The message ‘Chota Step, Badi Baat’ implies that one extra step in using Comfort can give a great benefit in washing. Also, one small lesson from the mother, asking the son to learn this, is a big step towards impacting the social conditioning on gender. With our latest campaign, Comfort is taking on a powerful purpose for the first time - with each small step we hope to make a significant impact towards a better tomorrow.”

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Kainaz Karmakar Harshad Rajadhyaksha Ogilvy & Mather Chota Step Badi Baat Comfort Fabric Conditioner gender stereotypes Chota Step Badi Baat which makes a small effort towards ‘breaking gender stereotypes’ that exist within the household. Badi Baat Hindustan Unilever