[Infographic] How do Professional Audiences engage with content on LinkedIn

content engagement

The end game for every content creator is content engagement, and when it is professional audience that you have in mind, the place to be is LinkedIn.

Easier said than done, content engagement is a dream not many are able to achieve fully, and that is precisely where LinkedIn lends a helping hand. A comprehensive survey with more than 9000 LinkedIn members from across the world yielded valuable insights to help deliver a concrete strategy instead of relying on hunches and guesswork.

Industry news leads the way followed by Tips and Best Practices and Jobs among the top three types of content that LinkedIn members care about. LinkedIn audiences are also highly influenced by their peers, followed by their colleagues and then companies and brands on the platform.

All these insights and more such as the top reasons for content management, preferred mode of access for Linkedin are all part of the How Do Professional Audiences Engage With Content On LinkedIn Infographic.

content engagement

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