Instagram grants millennial wish with Follows You icon

Follows You

Instagram has quietly unveiled a new feature that could make millennial lives on the platform much easier by including Follows You on their follower’s Instagram profiles.

The Follows You icon has existed on Twitter for years now, although Instagram may never really have considered the possibility until today. A good part of teen time on Instagram is spent making sure people they follow, follow them back; a sort of unwritten rule in the chaotic world of selfies, nightclub pictures and follower count among other things of course.

Follows You

Earlier, one would have to scour their Followers list in order to stumble upon the name they want to see, and depending on one’s social media stature and insistence upon having people follow them back, the effort was, needless to say, significant.

There are no major applications or other implications for this new feature simply beside the fact that this makes things easier for a major portion of Instagram’s users and they are evidently ecstatic about it.

Follows You Follows You Follows You Follows You

The update has been reported to be tested with Instagram’s Android users and could soon be introduced to all their users, on both Android and iOS platforms.