Jaago Re’s latest Preactivism campaign shames Indian sporting culture


Taking forward the conversation on the need for Preactivism Tata Tea Jaago Re 2.0 launched a compelling film with a hard-hitting message on the reality behind India’s lack of a sporting culture.

The film brings to the forefront how sports education is not given its due importance and takes a back seat in comparison to academics.

The film follows the day-to-day life of a student through a montage of shots and captures the immense pressure and stress they undergo to perform well academically. It then focuses on how these children are made to sacrifice a future in sports and retire early as a result of their ‘studies’ before ending with a hard-hitting message – ‘Don’t let your kids retire early from sports. PREACT. Pledge to give sports as much importance as academics.’

Sharing his thoughts on the idea behind the film, Sushant Dash, Regional President – India, Tata Global Beverages said, “The latest Jaago Re 2.0 film tackles the root cause of our nation’s under performance in the field of sports by exposing a glaring flaw in our society’s outlook towards sports. While parents pay close attention to how well their children perform in Mathematics or Science, not many know whether their child can comfortably run a 400-metre race. Through this film, we hope to spark a change in our nation’s mindset towards sports education and establish the need to give sports as much importance as academics. By making sports a compulsory subject in schools, we aim to create an environment that will also produce more sporting talent that can go on to represent our country in future local and international sporting events.”

Talking about the creative strategy, Shriram Iyer, President and National Creative Director, Mullen Lintas shared, “Academics edges out sports and as a child reaches pivotal academic years like class 10, sports totally disappears. A consequence of the pressures that an academic system and the society put on children, education is of paramount importance. More importantly, we believe, sports is education too. This led us to put out a campaign that points at the idea that most 14-year olds who were inclined towards sport tend to prematurely RETIRE from it. We are hoping that a campaign that presents sports drop outs as RETIRED will help up the ante on the importance of sports within the academic system.”

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