Justin Bieber hits 100m followers on Twitter, gets his own emoji

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Sep 01, 2017 08:44 IST
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber became the second person on Twitter to hit 100m followers, behind Katy Perry who remains the most followed Twitter personality.

Twitter has rewarded Justin Bieber with a rare gift to celebrate this incredible milestone, the custom Justin Bieber emoji which can be activated by the hashtag #100MBeliebers.

Musicians on Twitter are one of the most popular community with seven of the top ten most followed accounts belonging to musicians. Following Katy Perry and Justin Bieber in first and second places respectively are Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

Here is having a look at Justin Bieber's biggest moments on Twitter:

(all data below since March 2009, when he joined)

There have been over 2 billion mentions of Bieber/@justinbieber on Twitter

The word "Belieber" has been Tweeted 84 million times.

The five most Tweeted about Justin Bieber songs of all time are,

1. “Boyfriend”

2. “Baby”

3. “Sorry”

4. “What Do You Mean”

5. “Love Yourself”

These are the most re-tweeted tweets from Justin Bieber's Twitter account....











Justin has used Twitter to engage with fans in fun and creative ways since he joined in 2009.

Justin Bieber is one of the most popular users of the Twitter DM service. These were some of the innovative ways he used the DM service to reach out and interact with his fans.

He revealed the lyrics to his song "What Do You Mean" by sending lines from the song to 49 of his superfans via DMs and,

Justin Bieber also used Twitter DMs again to reveal 'Cold Water' lyrics to fans. Followers that tweeted with the hashtag #ColdWater2Days began receiving verses before the single dropped.


Justin Bieber even expressed his wishes on Twitter that came true later, such as

He starred in his first SB commercial this year, after Tweeting that he wanted a Super Bowl commercial in 2015, and Bieber Tweeted that his dream was to win a GRAMMY in 2011. The Most RTed Tweet of the night at the 2016 GRAMMYs was his Tweet thanking fans for making his dream of winning a GRAMMY come true.

He also Tweeted when he turned 21, and it was one of the most RTed artist Tweets of 2015.  Justin has always used Twitter to show his support of fellow artists.

Beliebers took to Twitter to praise the nine year anniversary of the day that Justin Bieber made his YouTube debut. #9YearsofKidRauhl is a reference to Bieber’s YouTube channel, named after his dad’s interest in a series of fantasy novels (something only a Belieber would understand).

Fans used this hashtag to highlight his transformation from YouTube kid to mega pop star, and by 2:30pm that day the hashtag had been used over 400k times.

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