Every parent needs to watch Parachute Advansed’s The Tough Talk

The Tough Talk

On the occasion of Daughter’s Day (September 24) Parachute Advansed launched a beautiful campaign titled The Tough Talk

The campaign called out to all the fathers, urging them to give their daughters undivided attention and show them that they care, which will in turn, help daughters share more comfortably.

The campaign begins with daughters comfortably sharing their views on topics such as sex, divorce, love, and more with the person, presumed as the mother, applying oil to their hair.  During the oil applying session, they get more and more comfortable and open up. It is only revealed at the end of the film, that it is the father applying oil and using it as an opportunity to bond with his daughter.

The video has 1477 views on YouTube so far, while of Facebook it has 2.9 million views, 67k reactions and over 8k shares.

Actor Anil Kapoor tweeted applauding the campaign. Using the hashtag #LoveJatao, the brand encouraged people to have conversations about the campaign on social media.

In order to further engage, the brand asked the users to share a photo using the hashtag #LoveJatao and stand a chance to win surprises from Parachute.

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