A look at Reebok India’s return with Fit To Fight

Fit To Fight

Social Samosa takes a look at the concept the campaign has taken in its second year and the noise Fit To Fight has managed to create.

One of the most insidious stereotypes of all is the widespread belief that girls don’t and should not fight. When a man chooses to stand up against the wrong, he is put on pedestal. But, when a woman does the same it is deemed as uncharacteristic, un-ladylike, un-graceful or even bossy.

Built on this chain of thought, Reebok is back with its famous Fit To Fight campaign. Social Samosa takes a look at the concept the campaign has taken in its second year and the noise Fit To Fight has managed to create.

Campaign thought

With this campaign, Reebok takes a stand against the belief that girls don’t fight. A woman is born to be a fierce warrior and what she needs is to bring her latent strength to the forefront in the face of adversity. The brand is back with the second leg to their campaign titled #FitToFight launched last year.

Featuring actress Kangana Ranaut, Girls Don’t Fight’ campaign, puts the ordinary Indian woman at its core and shows her how fitness helps tackle the varied challenges imposed on her. Reebok aims to break the most perpetuated stereotype faced by every woman and tell the world that girls, in fact, can and do fight.

Elaborating on this year’s theme ‘Girls Don’t Fight’, Silvia Tallon, Senior Director Brand Marketing, Reebok said, “FitToFight is a platform for each woman to share her personal story with the world – from her struggles to her victories. With Girls Don’t Fight we wanted to address social issues that will resonate with each woman at some level.”

With Girl’s Don’t FightReebok is encouraging women to be mentally, physically and socially fit; to stand up for what is right and fight against injustice and discrimination. The word ‘fight’ is not only a literal depiction but a call to action for those who will not accept the way things are, making it the Reebok slogan for all unsung women heroes. Through the film, the brand reiterates how physical fitness translates into strength of the mind too.

Social media chatter

Using the hashtag #FitToFight, the brand encouraged women to speak up and share their stories where they fought with stereotypes and emerged as winners. It created a lot of conversations and trended on Twitter as well. Online content platforms like MissMalini tied up with Reebok and Kangana and further extended the campaign thought.

Perfect time to launch

Reebok has done a fabulous job of launching the campaign, just when the brand ambassador Kangana Ranuat, was in the midst of news for controversies and her movie Simran.

Previous campaign

In 2016, Reebok India got on board Kangana Ranaut as their ambassador and started specifically targeting women.  The campaign highlighted, Kangana’s intensive preparation and her commitment to fitness and passion for the brand. The objective of the campaign was also to show that the actress has a powerful story and she is not scared of sharing it.


Reebok in the second year of their FitToFight campaign has successfully managed to create the same aura and social noise like it did the last time. The idea of a fitness brand speaking for the real strength of women, rather than promoting their own product range, is well applauded and is surely an inspiration for others in the category.