Roposo’s maiden digital campaign TV By The People misses the mark

TV By The People

Social Samosa takes a look at the creative execution of Roposo’s first digital only campaign, TV By The People to popularize their app.

Roposo recently unveiled their maiden digital campaign, TV By The People, featuring actor, Amol Parashar, highlighting that the platform is the ideal go-to destination for youth to share their talent online and connect with like-minded people.

The campaign has been conceptualized by The Bard whose brief was to launch Roposo’s new app in the most viral and innovative way.

The reason behind launching a digital only campaign is that the brand wanted to create an ad which is not only easy to access and view, but also easy to share. Two videos became a part of the final campaign – one which introduces Roposo to the viewers and the second is an introduction to the App interface.

Commenting on the objective behind launching the campaign, Mayank Bhangadia, CEO and Co-founder, Roposo, said, “The campaign was important to educate the users about the app interface so that their experience is super smooth after they have signed up on the platform. Most apps often use a technical route to explain their app, while we have taken a very fun and refreshing take on the same.”

The campaign was launched earlier this week and doesn’t have much social media traction as of now.

Expert view

We spoke to Gozoop’s Amyn Ghadiali and Venugopal Ganganna from Langoor to get their views on the campaign.

Amyn Ghadiali, Group Director, Brand Communications, Gozoop found the commercial trying too hard to convey the message that fame on Roposo is instant and so is the medium. According to him, statement like- ‘Yeh Roposo mein 6 biscuits bana ke famous ho gaya’, can also mean lesser talented people can join the portal and become famous.

“Humour quotient on the internet is very different from that of television. Ideally, if the platform is trying to emphasize that because of its wide reach, one can easily get what they deserve, then there are better ways of putting it out, keeping the digital sensibilities in mind,” he added.

Talking about the effectiveness of the campaign, Ghadiali cites, “It is not very effective since I might not remember it. The first opening line – ‘Lets’ not skip’ would have caught my attention if I would have been watching it on YouTube, but putting the same content on Facebook, without changing the first line only shows that someone is not taking granular things into consideration. Also one must remember that, most people watch content on mute on Facebook, which as a platform gives any marketer the widest reach. With 61,000 views, 53 shares and 5 comments, it shows that this strategy doesn’t work.”

Echoing similar views, Venugopal Ganganna, Chief Executive Officer, Langoor Digital said, “The execution quality is good assuming they are going after Instagram users in India. It looks like they’ve used limited or almost no media spend which has resulted in 0.6 percent engagement. That means their audience on Facebook is either not relevant or the video doesn’t connect with their intended audience. They would benefit from creating a few snippets and pushing media across different audiences to truly test the impact.”


Roposo directly or indirectly competes with every platform that content creators use to share their talent. Whether or not TV By The People is strong enough to help them make a mark in such fierce competition, only time will tell.