Vogue Eyewear’s Show Your Vogue attempts to create a earworm

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Show Your Vogue

International Eyewear brand, Vogue Eyewear launched their new digital campaign titled Show Your Vogue featuring their ambassador Shraddha Kapoor, who was roped in early this year.

The campaign conceptualised by Brandmovers India encourages women to show the world their real self, not caring too much about what others think of them. Featuring Kapoor and six other inspiring women in different situations, the campaign aims to touch upon the extraordinary, the real, the famous, the celebrity, the girl next door, the movie star – anyone and everyone who has substance and is willing to show it by giving an insight into her real self.

Creative execution

Speaking about the film, Suva Ghosh, Chief Creative Officer at Brandmovers India said, “This was a really fun project for us to work on. The idea was to create an anthem that catches on with the woman of today and to juxtapose it with interesting visuals. Working with Shraddha Kapoor was a great experience too!”

Branding strategy

Amit Singh, Head of Marketing at Luxottica India Eyewear Pvt Ltd said, “Shraddha Kapoor and the six other women in the film are as self-assured as it gets and they are owning their lives and how! The film gives us a sneak peek into their free spirited attitude towards daily life and brings forth an important message – live and move in your own style, in your own Vogue!”

Social media noise

The catchy tune in the video has been really appreciated and there are lot of comments from viewers, asking details about the song. The brand is replying to those comments by sharing the singer details and link from where they can download it as well.

The video on YouTube has garnered more than 5 lakh views in a short time.


publive-imageExperts Take

Social Samosa asked Arnab Mitra of Liqvd Asia and Pratik Gupta from FoxyMoron to give their views on the campaign.

publive-imageArnab Mitra, Managing Director, Liqvd Asia said, “I wish this was a music video and not a brand promotion. I would have immediately saved this video as a preferred watch. What I mean here is, it does amazing as a track but doesn't do any good to the brand. In fact their tagline #ShowYourVogue is pretty vague even on their own site. So, if they would have seen this through the lenses of branded content and not brand communication, I think they would have done amazing for themselves.”




publive-imageHowever, Pratik Gupta, Co-founder, FoxyMoron was all praises for the campaign. "Lots of brands in this space are taking the women empowerment route and are also trying to equalize the way we look at women; the perception of which needs to be very different than how our society views it currently. Gender equality is the need of the hour that I strongly believe in, which they've flawlessly integrated with a spotlight on their brand name.”

Gupta further added, “The way the entire concept has been weaved together is phenomenal at best. Even though I've not tracked their social media execution yet, I personally wouldn't change a thing in this video, because I love it all - everything from the song to the video! I think it is pretty clean yet funky and this is how we all want to portray women today."

It will be interesting to see whether or not Vogue Eyewear will maaged to leave a mark in the

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