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Think Digital

Who are we?

We’d like to start off by saying who we are NOT. We are NOT an agency. We are NOT marketing agents. We are NOT a disparate group of marketers in a firm. We do NOT offer services.

Here’s who we are.

Think Digital

We are a Digital Marketing COMPANY. We pride ourselves in being TEAM-DRIVEN and CUSTOMER CENTRIC. We are client COLLABORATORS. We provide digital marketing, website, branding, and media SOLUTIONS. We understand problems, but we’re best at overcoming them. We are an army of supremely talented marketers who rewrite the future of brands.

Our founders have been from the creative and technology industry. They’ve always understood the power of Digital. This led them to invest their time and effort into truly unleashing the potential of Digital. Not too long after, the idea transformed into a company. On 28th July 2016, the company was registered, with 3 clients already onboard. Such has been the value proposition that we’ve been putting into the company since its inception.

As the company took baby steps, we also understood the importance of getting industry experts into our counsel. A close friend to the partners, Mr. Karan Shah gave the company his support and expertise which brought about a steep learning curve for the company.

What’s in the name?

Our name means everything to us. Also, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You’ve just got to Think Digital!

Even when we look back today, we’ve realized that our approach has always been our armor. While “Think” helps us to solve the greater problem, we execute the solution with the power of “Digital”.

What we do?

That’s a question with an endless answer. What we do best is understand brands, help them communicate their story, uncover new markets and drive them to glory. What we do goes beyond just digital marketing, websites or branding. We create brand tones, educate clients on digital marketing, improve customer communication and grow their company by generating the maximum leads. Most importantly, we build their brand value, not just in numbers but in applauding what the brand stands for, with the maximum customer engagement.

Let us tell you a story. One fine day, we went shopping to this elegant ethnic wear store. We educated the owner on social media and he decided to Think Digital. We then threw a party at a renowned bar in Hyderabad. By the end of the night, they were digital. Fast forward today, we have redefined the brand tone and manage their new brewery too. We then followed events in Mumbai. We bagged Asia’s largest architecture expo. They support the growth of architecture and helped the business grow so we ran an initiative of #BanayeBehetarBharat. We stunned the country with their work and initiative, and from the industry leaders to aspiring students, everyone just followed. The next fun move for us was when we ran a campaign #Aroundtheworldin80days and covered the world and most recent events thus driving travelers to go gaga over the launch of our app for an international community. How did we do that? We. Besides this, one fine day our partner met a lady that hosts fashion and Jewellery expo in Mumbai. She tried us out for one event. Our campaigns not only resulted in a yearlong collaboration, it also grew our client’s business twice fold. Today, she’s overwhelmed to have bumped into our partner. That one fine day redefined her brand’s future.

This story is just a sneak peek into our diverse set of client and the work we’ve done for them. Like we said, our services are endless, so is our story. In case you want our broad services, visit

Why we do it?

We do it to drive out-of-the-box, passionate brands reach the heights they duly deserve. Steve Jobs was an inventor, not a marketer. He needed marketing to get the brand value Apple currently holds.

Our diverse clientele just speaks for why we do it. As we started off, we had managed to convert 6 brands to Think Digital and make their brand’s mark online for the very first time.

Besides that, in our small journey, we’ve had several success stories and emails from our client applauding our work and crowning the relationships we maintain with each one of them.

How we evolve?

Besides utilizing the power of research, platform updates, brainstorming sessions and learning from our mistakes, what we do differently is unlearning from our learnings. This helps us evolve and incorporate newness and feedback into our process. We do what every other agency does. But our approach and style of working are what makes us different from the others.

If you see our hiring campaign #JobsUnchained, you’ll understand that our team is not built by educated digital marketers, our army was built by talents that vary in education from engineers, finance graduates all the way to people with a background in Arts. Each team member brings a set of skills to the table. At the crux of everything, we work together as a family to solve our problems and grow together in harmony.

Social responsibility in social media

In terms of social responsibility, we truly appreciate how social media platforms have strict guidelines regarding advertising, profanity filters and block list.

Now coming back to how we take up social responsibility. As a hygiene, we most certainly ensure that all the advertising and promotions we host for all our clients give the audience right information and maintain clear communication. With several of our clients, we’ve executed various indirect marketing campaigns that contribute to the society in some manner. For instance, very recently we strategized for our Apparel sector client to associate with Heal a Child Foundation by hosting a fashion show to draw funds for children. Similarly, with a lot of our brands, we promote social contribution in some way or the other.

Think Digital, as a brand also has its fair share of contribution to the society. Charity begins at home; hence we promote the cause to spread the word since Digital has the power to reach to millions.

Need of the hour

Niche Curation of content because people are now finding peer specialists which resonate with their interest, values, and lifestyle due to the information overload.

We learned the hard way

When the client has no knowledge of digital marketing or all the knowledge, things can be quite a delight. But when clients chant us their knowledge based on crumbles of information, then it becomes quite a task.

We’ve offered our extended help to our clients not just in areas of marketing but in restructuring their brand’s complete working. But it is not every time that the client acknowledges this. We learnt how to educate our client on what his/her business needs are and maintain complete transparency on our offerings. More importantly, we’ve learnt what kind of discussions to have with our clients to get the right information and approvals from them to bring their brand to glory.  

Did we just share that?

So, this is more of a ‘what just happened’ more than a ‘did we just share that’. We handle marketing for a Technology company that aggregates innovative technology products from across the world, in India. For our IPL campaign, the client told us that he can offer a Thailand Trip. Now, we leveraged that and did what we do best. We rolled in 500 videos from customers on #Shareyourbestiplmoment but the client then refused to give the Thailand Trip. The winner was highly overjoyed on bagging a trip to Thailand. When we broke the news to him, not only did he go all viral on social media but he wouldn’t stop calling our client or questioning us on social media for days. We did compensate him with some awesome products but it was nothing less than a nightmare.

When we started the campaign, the client told us that we need to make the customers go bonkers, well, we certainly succeeded with that.

Industry as we foresee

We believe to see a new era of digital marketing with automated optimized targeting to streamline the leads making it more efficient. We also expect AR and AI to become the most trending mediums of marketing soon with the speed at which hardware is adopting these technologies. Creation of Analytics 2.0 for the new age data science to make data driven informed strategizing in order to increase lead generation and business value for brands.

A day without Internet

Extended team lunch followed by lots of desserts accompanied by an endless stream of laughter and hysterical conversations.

Lastly, are you hiring?