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Who are we?

A rehearsed answer is that TheSmallBigIdea are experts in social media management, digital marketing and consultants in communication.

A more poetic rendition of the same would be that, we are story-tellers of the digital era who script with data and insights.

Our journey began when a bunch of consumer marketers working for leading media organizations, decided to take their understanding of brands and marketing to the interactive digital space.

Since then, we have helped brands use consumer insights and data to script their digital story-telling.

Our team members are from diverse backgrounds and extremely passionate about the sectors they handle. From film lovers to travelers, from financial geeks to fashion divas, we have category users who double up as specialists to let the brands they handle perform exemplarily well in the digital space.

What's in the name?

We strongly believe that behind the inception of every big campaign lies a seemingly small idea mentioned in the midst of a brainstorming.

This idea is almost always in passing, but it’s necessary to identify its potential and build on it. Our name - TheSmallBigIdea - is the foundation for the little details that together form the bigger picture.

What we do?

We are a digital-first branding agency, so Digital Marketing and all the facets around it, are our forte. In the constantly changing landscape of the digital world, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality excites us the most. We’re consciously blurring the lines between traditional advertising and  digital marketing with communication strategies that are digital-first.

With our techno-creative toolACE, we’re combining social listening and platform analytics with an analyst’s interventionto build a more pointed communication strategy for our clients.

Why we do it?

It would be an understatement to say that creativity and technology go hand in hand and that it’s a great opportunity for anyone to be a part of the chain. Truth be told, the spectrum is large and this is the hottest thing there is right now, why would anyone not want to be here?!

How we evolve?

It's simple: We go from one good idea to another! We understand business and therefore have evolved quicker by building capacity for faster and efficient creative and media services.We have always focused on maintaining and excelling in our service levels. We’re always aiming one step further and asking ourselves, what’s next?

What’s the next thing that’s going to matter?

To add to our good fortune, we have an army of determined millennials that is expanding with our client base.

Social responsibility in social media

We render social responsibility on social media by having high standards for the quality, authenticity and nature of the content.

Need of the hour

The day the Terms and Conditions page will be finally understood by mankind, rather than blindly"accepted", the world will become a whole lot better! Furthermore, stricter Norms and Standards, especially better laws regarding content creation and piracy are much needed.

We learned the hard way

We’re definitely choosy about pitches now more than ever and devote our time, energy and creativity to only the ones that really interest us by understanding intent.

They work with us

Our ever growing list of clientele includes brands from television, entertainment, FMCG and BFSI. For more information, head on to our website!

Industry as we foresee

Artificial Intelligence slowly but steadily will define the space moves.Truth be told, the camera is already becoming the first device of Virtual Reality! Data and insight will have a stronger role to play when it comes to determining content.

A day without Internet

A day without internet is a day we don't get paid, so we like to stay connected.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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