Twitter recorded over 4,00,000 conversations about the Union Cabinet Reshuffle

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cabinet reshuffle

Twitter has emerged as a critical platform for citizen engagement and public discourse in India with over 4,00,000 conversations as nine new ministers took oath in fresh cabinet reshuffle.

The third cabinet reshuffle under Narendra Modi government since he assumed responsibility as Prime Minister. Indians from across the world turned to Twitter to participate in conversations on the cabinet rejig.

Top hashtags used to share congratulatory wishes, reactions and opinions included #cabinetreshuffle, #TeamModi, #Modi2019Cabinet and #Ministry4NewIndia.

Ministers newly added or reassigned to the cabinets include,

cabinet reshuffle

Mahima Kaul (@misskaul), Head- Public, Policy and Government, Twitter India, said, “Twitter is the best place for people to discover what’s happening around the world and the Indian government’s comprehensive utilization of the platform has been a great example for citizen engagement. It is heartening to see citizens participating enthusiastically on the appointment of new ministers to the Union Cabinet, encouraging more participation, and transparency in the system.”

Tweets on the Union Cabinet reshuffle, 



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