How Untrend Like Hot Heads surpassed the average engagement for FMCG brands

Untrend Like Hot Heads

Nestle India launched a first of its kind Twitter campaign, Untrend Like Hot Heads for Maggi Hotheads, the spicy variant from Maggi launched last year four flavours – Green Chilli, Chilli Chicken, Peri Peri and BBQ Black Pepper.

Untrend Like Hot Heads

The intention of the campaign was to target the youth, who are a ‘bit eccentric and don’t hesitate to take risks and have a playful and positive attitude towards life.’

The campaign highlighted the millennial insight of wanting to break free from the usual stereotypes and trends and thus Twitter was chosen as a platform to take the thought ahead.

Creative Execution

#UntrendLikeHotHeads  ran for one week, starting from September 4. Nestlé India’s in-house content ‘Live Studio’ managed by HyperCollective, and Zenith India, Nestlé India’s media agency,  collaborated and executed the campaign on Twitter.

Commenting on the brief from Nestle, Tanmay Mohanty, Group CEO, Zenith India said, “Maggi Hotheads was launched in the market last year. The campaign was an attempt to reconnect with consumers digitally. It was crafted keeping the brand characteristics of Maggi Hotheads in mind.”

The campaign urged the consumers to break free from popular trends and display their original selves. The most unique thing about the campaign was the LIVE engagement in the form of fresh, edgy personalized video content in response to submissions by people and trending topics.

The live studio was working round the clock and short form videos, gifs, and statics were conceived and produced in response to trending topics and big events.

Piggybacking on important events like- Teacher’s Day, Onam, India & Sri Lanka cricket matches, the India Vs Macau football match, the US Open etc. to Twitter trends like #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayThoughts and #WednesdayWisdom, the brand ensured that the campaign is a memorable one.

The campaign was focused on building brand affinity for each of the flavours, with high emphasis on the quirkiness of the content created at the Live Studio.

Talking more about the creative strategy, KV Sridhar, Chief Creative Officer of HyperCollective, said “The world today is more live and responsive than ever before. People share their life moments as it happens and world leaders react to events directly with a tweet. Brands should also be live wired to engage and excite. For Maggi HotHeads, we setup a live studio with writers, actors, props, costumes etc. and produced on-demand content that responded to people as well as to trending topics. People loved the campaign because every piece of content came as a surprise and they were looking forward to what would come next.”

Further, a personalized touch was added to the whole trending bit, by acknowledging the consumers who are engaging actively with the hashtag. Maggi India changed their cover picture with the consumer’s picture, while the #UntrendLikeHotHeads hashtag under the trending section, mentioned the consumer’s Twitter handle, giving a shout out to them as a trendsetter.


The campaign garnered more than 18 million impressions. The engagement rate was 3.2 percent, more than the industry standard of 2 per cent for FMCG. The hashtag #UntrendLikeHotHeads also clocked more than 27,000 mentions in 2 days.

Howeveer, Karthik Srinivasan, National Lead, [email protected] had a different opinion.


Untrend Like Hot Heads concentrated on building a personal relationship with consumers and bridging loyalty that they feel towards the classic Maggi Masala flavour. The name of the hashtag played a key role in garnering attention to the campaign, additionally real time video communication added to the chatter. How the campaign is carried out in the longer run will say a lot about Untrend as a property for Nestle Maggi Hot Heads.