J&K Tourism’s Warmest Place On Earth captures the essence of ‘Heaven on Earth’

Warmest Place On Earth

Jammu & Kashmir Tourism has launched a beautiful campaign titled Warmest Place On Earth to highlight the beauty of Kashmir, not only in terms of the scenic charm, but the warmth and the hospitality of people residing there.

A 5-minute long film, Warmest Place On Earth is a story of a couple who is on a holiday in Kashmir and is lucky to witness the extent till which Kashmiris can go to make their guests feel welcomed. The film is conceptualized by JWT Delhi and within a very short span of time, has managed to stir social conversations.

The video has been received well by the audience and makes them want to visit the beautiful place again and get immersed in nature’s beauty. Celebrities have also expressed their love for the campaign, by tweeting about it and sharing the video from their account.

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