[Campaign Face Off] #YourSecondHome v/s #WeArePregnant

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#YourSecondHome v/s #WeArePregnant

Social Samosa takes a look at which campaign between Prega News’s #YourSecondHome and Pregakem’s #WeArePregnant performed better and had a deeper connect with the audience

Two of the leading brands in the pregnancy detection kit category - Prega News from the house of Mankind Pharmaceuticals and Pregakem of Alkem Healthcare launched innovative digital campaigns over the span of last few months.

These leading brands who otherwise mainly use celebrities to push their product, have taken a fresh approach to support a cause and connect with every expectant parent on digital. Last year, Kareena Kapoor was roped in by Prega News and husband-wife duo Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh are the face of Pregakem.

Prega News

On the occasion of Mother’s Day this year, the brand released an online campaign titled ‘Your Second Home’ targeting offices. It was a tribute by the brand to all the expecting mothers who continue to work during their pregnancies. According to the company, since these women end up spending the maximum time in offices, therefore, the duty of making them comfortable and looking into their needs is the concern of their workplaces.

The video also highlights the emotional and physical demands of pregnancy and how uncomfortable sometimes things like furniture can be uncomfortable or certain smell can induce nausea in women causing extreme discomfort. The timing of the campaign was perfect and it was in line with the new Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act which has extended the paid leave for new mothers from 3 months to 6 months.

Few weeks back, the brand partnered with SpiceJet to launch a series of initiatives to make air travel for pregnant women more comfortable and enjoyable. This was an extension to the #YourSecondHome and resonated extremely well with all the expectant mothers.


Pregakem’s recent digital ad campaign titled #WeArePregnant, highlights the message that pregnancy is a beautiful phase in not only in a woman’s life, but in every husband’s life too. The brand tries to send across the message that the woman alone is not pregnant, but the couple is.

Social media noise

The Prega News campaign has been very well accepted and garnered more than 10 million views till date on YouTube. There was a lot of engagement from the brand’s side and using the hashtag #YourSecondHome, conversations were led on social media.

Prega News’s website has information on how offices can make their place pregnancy friendly. Also, a microsite was launched to support this cause.




On the day on the launch, Pregakem’s #WeArePregant was trending on Twitter. The brand with the help of influencers, tagged Bollywood celebrities and cricketers on Twitter, those who have recently delivered or are expecting. This helped to spread the work and appear in the news. The campaign on the brand's YouTube page has clocked around 10,000 views in less than four days.

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Experts take: #YourSecondHome v/s #WeArePregnant

We asked Deepak Singh from The Social Street and Team Pumpkin’s Swati Nathani for their views on both the campaigns.

Deepak Singh, Chief Creative Officer, The Social Street liked both the campaigns, but feels Prega News has a better brand connect because of the time during which it was launched. According to him, the timing chosen for Prega News which was during Mother’s Day was perfect, making the message all the more perfect and relevant.

Singh added, “The world has opened up and today pregnancy isn’t seen solely as a woman’s responsibility. Hence, I think both thoughts are nice and are created with the intent of changing mindsets. From that point of view, I like both equally. If I see the execution also, both do justice to their respective plots. The characters chosen are nice and the story is well told in each case.”

Swati Nathani, co-founder & Chief Business Officer, Team Pumpkin finds the Prega News campaign to be the hands down winner in all the aspects.

She cited, “While Pregakem campaign is very emotionally done; it almost came across to me as being "nice" to someone just because she is pregnant. In my opinion, men must be nice to women and vice versa all the time, irrespective of their family statuses. On the other hand, Prega News handles the issue of workplace discrimination with pregnant women in a superb manner.”

It is quite refreshing to see, both the brands strategising new content especially for the digital audience, without the use of celebrity brand endorsers.

As they say, in digital you need to be quick and provide content which your audience wants to consume, Prega News seems to have hit the right spot with great timing and perfect execution.

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