[Infographic] YouTube Channel Art Guide for Vloggers

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YouTube Channel Art Guide

With challenges every step of the way, life is not as easy for a YouTube vlogger as it may seem. Audience retention is one of the toughest challenges and this YouTube Channel Art Guide is designed to aid aspiring vloggers.

Of all the factors that come into play in order to create a visual appeal in the eyes of subscribers, merely parroting “Please Like, Share and Subscribe” at the end of every video does not to the trick. The looks of your channel need to inspire an average viewer to hit Subscribe and keep coming back. Organizing your videos into systematic and easy to find playlists, using attractive fonts and short, crisp titles are some of the few best practices that are a part of this YouTube Channel Art Guide.

Optimize your channel and grow your follower count with the help of the Youtube Channel Art Guide designed by Vlogging Guides.

YouTube Channel Art GuideThis Infographic was originally published here.

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