15 things every influencer will relate to

things every influencer will relate to

Being an influencer is not easy. There are a lot of highs and lows and we feel your pain. So, here are things every influencer will relate to

“So, what is it exactly that you do?” is something you must hear almost on a daily basis if you’re in the influencing and blogging industry. You’re already dealing with ridiculous briefs and stringent deadlines, and then come, all these stereotypes! And questions. They’re never ending. Literally.

There are very few who understand the time, money, and years one invests in becoming an influencer. So, my dear influencers, bloggers, key point creators or whatever they call you, this one’s for you!

If you have ever gone through any of these problems, we feel you! And as a very entertaining ode, here is a list of things every influencer will relate to.

1. All your friends think that you live on free products
2People think you just write, write, and write for your blog
3. Yarr tu iske baare mai blog kar de na 
4. Unsolicited advice like hang in there and colab kar le na yarr are thrown at you

5. Which is usually followed by Dude you should do comedy like Tanmay Bhatt aur Zaakir Khan

6. Brands give you briefs like bite in the air and wave a pink polka dot hanky and dance with the product in hand 
7. And compensate with amazing fees like 30 paise word and 50 paise per tweet
8. Your friends are always requesting you to take them along on FAMs and restaurants for reviews
9. At least one person has told you this – Bro, you should write about me

10. Going to family functions is tough because – you toh must know a lot of celebrities na…

11. And when aunties say, “it’s time you take a real job ya”

12. One of the upsides, you can make people jealous about not having to report to office hours

13. A LOT of your time goes in asking – Bro, did you get paid for the campaign we did 11118888 weeks ago?

14. And your worst nightmare is – “The client hasn’t paid us yet, so, we can’t pay you.”

15. And after going through ALL OF THIS, a dude with a WordPress account has the audacity to tell you – Arre you’re a blogger? Me too!

 And after everything that you go through, you deserve a pat on your back and celebrate yourself. Actually, more than that! Wait, let me create a brief.