9 Pinteresting Diwali safety tips to secure your homes

These Diwali safety tips from Pinterest will ensure nothing dampens your spirit and you enjoy to the fullest.

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Diwali safety tips

The triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness, of prosperity over hardship, of the time when adults are transformed back into the children they used to be! It is the time for festivities and celebration. Nonetheless, with great celebrations come great hazards and it is imperative we’re prepared for it.

These Diwali safety tips from Pinterest will ensure nothing dampens your spirit and you enjoy to the fullest.

As the world around us shall be immersed in celebration and festivities, as our eyes shall sparkle at the sight of lamps and Rangoli, relishing the mouthwatering goodies, and the time to usher in the New Year arrives, we must also endeavour to protect what we already possess. Diwali safety tips not only ensure the safety of our loved ones, the people around us, and our possessions, but also instill a sense of responsibility.

Let us take a pledge and adhere to these basic Diwali safety tips from Pinterest that will help us celebrate the festival of lights with pomp and grandeur!

1. Always keep a First Aid Kit handy

Perhaps the most often repeated safety tip, and the most crucial, First Aid kits help us respond proactively to burns or other unfortunate injuries. Children and at times even adults are too delighted by the magnificence of Diwali and firecrackers, which does result in some mishaps.

Diwali safety tips

A First Aid Kit ensures immediate attention to the most common Diwali injuries such as burn wounds, eye and skin irritation, and more. Always undertake precautions and be prepared with a solution.

2. Do not wear loose clothes/synthetic fabric

Loose clothes and synthetic fabrics greatly increase the chances of igniting when they come in contact with a firecracker or a lamp that is placed on the floor.

Diwali safety tips

Avoid wearing loose and synthetic fabric clothing, because not only do they catch fire quickly, the fire spreads faster too. It is always advisable to not put your personal safety at risk and only wear cotton clothing.

3. Never set off firecrackers in your hands

Firecrackers have the ability to captivate our eyes, and illuminate the skies but they also have the capacity to injure you if not handled correctly. Therefore, always adhere strictly to the specified instructions of firecrackers.

Diwali safety tips

Do not set off rockets by putting them on the ground, or ignite crackers while holding them in your hands.

4. Avoid short circuits at home with good quality lights

The market is flooded with Chinese lights that are not very durable, prone to malfunction and cause short circuits, which pose a considerable amount of hazard to your home. Fires, power cuts and more trouble which are all covered under Home Insurance, can be avoided to safeguard your home and have a Happy Diwali.

Diwali safety tips

Your electronic appliances such as television, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave, and more could also be potentially damaged by a short circuit, therefore it is always advisable to go for quality decorative lights.

5. Always keep a bucket of water handy

Firecrackers are manufactured products, and from time to time, you may encounter a product with an anomaly, or perhaps someone did wear a long dress or an article caught on fire. A bucket of water allows you to immediately douse any fire and potentially save lives and a lot of damage.

Diwali safety tips

A bucket of water or two nearby can always be your quickest remedial measure if god forbid, a fire does take place.

6. Secure your belongings and jewellery from theft

Protect your belongings and Diwali goodies from theft and burglary by securing them in a safe place. There have been many reported incidents of homes being targeted by burglars while people are celebrating the festival of lights .

Diwali safety tips

A persistent nuisance, burglary and theft too are covered under Home Insurance in order to ensure a hassle and stress free Diwali for all!

7. Celebrate and light firecrackers in an open ground

Open grounds ensure everyone has plenty of space to enjoy, and eliminates the risks involved with lighting firecrackers in a crowded place. The chances of fire and injury are greatly reduced if you celebrate Diwali with your family away from motor vehicles and other infrastructure.

Diwali safety tips

8. Protect your home and loved ones from fire

There is something highly pleasing about lighting lamps inside our homes, on the windows, at our doorstep and many other places as they exude a sense of novelty. Make sure your home is not put at risk by placing lamps near inflammable articles such as drapes, carpets and bedsheets.

Diwali safety tips

9. Always keep the windows and doors of your home closed

Our homes are special, and the amount of love and care we put into making them a home is tremendous. Stray firecrackers such as bombs and rockets have the potential to go astray and there have been many reported cases of them entering homes and igniting a fire. Plate glass windows too can be shattered due to the noise, or on impact and one should always be careful around them.

Diwali safety tips

Secure your home and always make sure you keep the windows and doors firmly closed in order to protect yourself from any mishaps.

We can only prepare for the worst and no preparation is complete without a holistic back up that offers utmost security. Take a look at Reliance Home Insurance and protect your roof and the loved ones it nestles.

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