Agency Feature – Markigence Communications Pvt Ltd


Who are we?

Markigence Communications Pvt Ltd is a digital marketing agency and a marketing consultancy. Founded in 2009, we are still proud to be the agency that launched Maruti Suzuki brands and Canon on social media in the good old days.

Since then, we have empowered brands across verticals by delivering over 150 projects across 8 countries. At the heart of our efforts, lies the mix of technology and creativity with the objective of creating brand remembrance.

Markigence is led by marketing veteran and serial entrepreneur Harsh Vardhan Dutta who has three companies under his belt plus has consulted with various e-commerce companies in a personal capacity.

What’s in the name?

For us, there’s a lot in the name. Markigence, emanating from Marketing & Intelligence, is the cornerstone of all our efforts. We have the right brain of an artist and left brain of an analyst. When we merge the two, we create memorable campaigns. Our expertise also lies in creating innovative marketing strategies.

It’s all about branding and image and SMM agencies are all about that. The reasoning behind choosing your agency name?

What we do?

Integrated Marketing Communications

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Media Planning & Buying


Why we do it?

There is no place else we could be.

How we evolve?

Innovation is what keeps us going. Whether it is leveraging on the wings of influencer marketing, or lead nurturing programs, we are constantly using cutting-edge technology and engaging the customer without loudly intervening.

Social responsibility in social media

Never irritate a customer. He’s your friend. Engage him. Give him customized messages. If you don’t know his behavior and schedule, you are not doing things right.

Need of the hour

Content marketing is yet to evolve in the Indian landscape. Surprisingly, most brands still are rolling in primitive ideas and strategies. It is not about selling today (how many brands are actually creating positive RoI on digital media investments?), it is about befriending the customer.

We learned the hard way

Every campaign teaches you something or other. For us, it is about understanding the psychology and biology (yes, biology) of customers. If your campaign does not give your customer an endorphin or dopamine rush, something’s amiss.

Did we just share that?

Well, we’d skip that J

They work with us

Maruti Suzuki



SPR Buildtech


Utsav Fashion


Clat Possible



Industry as we foresee

We will see innovations in social media for sure. The landscape changes every 2-3 years completely. It’s hard to predict, but my gut says social media is going to get discerning. There’s social in everything today, right from your music app to reading app. Users will be very protective in the coming years and will challenge the supremacy of Big 4s.

A day without Internet

Preferably, in the woods, by the river, on the grass (no pun intended!)

Lastly, are you hiring?

All the time!