Agency Feature: MeDigit Solutions

MeDigit Solutions agency

How do we define MeDigit?

MeDigit Solutions is a creative agency, specializing in Digital Marketing. We are focused on data, facts, and believe in delivering solutions which intend to make & sustain the impact once created.

MeDigit Solutions was introduced by Tanmay Shanishchara, establishing the vision for a creative platform back in 2013 in Gujarat. The platform is aimed for the clients to leverage the digital & creative modes of communication, and, talents brimming with creative energies.

Currently, MeDigit is one of the leading creative agencies in this space with a team comprising content writers, brand strategists, and more.

What’s in the name?

While studying at MICA, Shanishchara had crafted this term for his incubation venture project in 2008. MeDigit is a conjunction of two words – Media & Digital, illustrating everything under the digital media spectrum.

What do we do?

MeDigit’s service portfolio comprises everything under the umbrella of ‘digital marketing’. Our services are divided into 4 broad verticals:

  • Integrated marketing services- Strategic marketing & branding services for clients that include brand identity creation, collateral designs, traditional marketing campaigns, and execution under integrated marketing services for print, outdoor & event promotions.
  • Digital Marketing Services – Video creation & marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social media strategy & management, ORM, digital media planning & buying, Multilingual marketing services, content marketing, inbound marketing, and SEO are the major offerings.
  • Technology & development – Web design, web development and UI/ UX designs; we specialize in creating web experiences for informative websites, eCommerce, portals, and app development projects.

Why we do it?

We strongly believe digital platforms have the power to change our lives and are happy that we were completely right about it. With our passion for digital marketing, creativity, and content – it was an obvious choice for us to enter into this world.

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How we evolve?

We read a lot, brainstorm a lot, and above all, experiment a lot. Continuous innovation is our key to stay ahead of the learning curve. We also keep a track of important news, technology, trends & more.

Social responsibility in social media

Today’s Social media is fighting against its own evils – Fake news & propaganda marketing.

Every brand and business has a moral debt to be compassionate towards the world they’re a part of and subsequently do something to uplift the collective efforts of the people in it.

Need of the hour

Advertising, as an industry, is never in unison. Yes, we collaborate, but we don’t brainstorm for the overall development of the Industry, support each other’s cause, or work towards establishing a culture on a macro level.

It is also important that agencies take a holistic approach to account management. Empathy is the lever that can build engagement and loyalty among the audience which will eventually improve ROI. Just considering ‘Customer is the King’ in theory won’t suffice.

Other major areas that need focus are political propaganda, rumors and even anti-national content. These things divide us as a society and we must act on an individual level to build good standards.

We learned the hard way

Like every business, we had our own set of challenges with learnings. Here are a few of them:

  • Don’t stop yourself from innovating new marketing ideas every day.
  • With trends changing every hour, it’s important to up your game on social media. Pick those trends early, never miss an opportunity, and focus on engagement for your clients.
  • Digital marketing takes time for success. Be passionate about your work and persistently follow your digital marketing routines for weeks and months – you will definitely see success.
  • Be honest, be transparent & own up to your limitations. Every brand makes a mistake and if it causes pain to your customers, treat them with genuine responses. Negative feedback, if treated positively can increase your positive reach.

Did we just share that?

The creatives on our social media pages are a reflection of the fun and sarcastic agency life. We all have our stories to narrate.

  • Clients and designers have an ongoing love-hate relationship.
  • Our SEO team had a hearty laugh when one of our clients came on board for SEO services and was disappointed that his website did not rank first on Google the very next day. However, once we explained the entire process, he was patient.
  • Another challenge, a fun one, is when the clients ask us to define or plan, vision, and mission for them. They are extremely casual about asking us to add whatever we feel is right, on their web page.

They work with us

Ramdev, Electrotherm, Chartered Bus, Chartered Bike, MDA Turbines, DJUBO

The industry as we foresee

  • The importance of content will be more than ever. With reducing the life span of social media content, decreasing attention span, agencies will have to produce more content to stay in the game.
  • With tier-II and tier-III cities joining the digital media landscape, brands will have to customize content for regional tastes.
  • Videos are the future of marketing. With higher demand in video content, brands will have to innovate new ways of creating video content to hook the audience.
  • Every organization will have to rethink their content marketing strategy. With a shorter attention span of the audience, brands will have to invest in audio and visual content to attract and engage the user. The written form of content will still rule but only when accompanied by the right visuals.
  • The rise of influencer marketing- The industry is moving towards no content without the help of influencers, will hit the target.

A day without Internet

The internet is the lifeline of our lives. We hope the day doesn’t come – but if it does, we would want to be on a beach & relax for some time.

Lastly, are you hiring?