Social Media Agency Feature – Socially, India

Socially India

Who are we?

We are Socially, India; a content development and marketing agency specializing in digital content. We’re driven by seeing powerful, fun, and innovative ideas come to life on digital mediums!

We were founded in 2013 by Ankita Mahabir who began the agency with a vision to execute digital strategies that are rooted in excellently written and creatively designed content.

We live in New Delhi (no really; we’re always working and shirking in the same spot!). Stop by at our co-working space in Nehru Place for a coffee anytime.

What’s in the name?

Socially was a name that resonated with us at several levels – social media, being social and we often play on the word by breaking it down – social ally – because we’re our clients’ real allies in a digital world.

What we do?

We create amazing content for digital mediums and corporate communications – especially social media – and we have a lot of fun doing it! We begin with the premise that if our content is absolutely great, all good things will follow.

Why we do it?

Because we love seeing a happy marriage of great writing and beautiful design come together.
How we evolve?

We’re always watching what great brands are doing through digital marketing.

Some of the most energizing conversations in our team revolve around the last amazing campaign or idea we noticed on social media. And the best part is, whenever we find something we love, we try to fold that into our own work.

We also tap into every member of the team for ideas – writers give inputs on design, designers give input on content – different perspectives matter!

Social responsibility in social media

Our core team is made up of unapologetic feminists who are trained to notice socio-cultural discrepancies. So, at every opportunity we have, we write and design content that subtly directs the conversation away from established gender norms.

We also never indulge in inflating statistics and recommending digital media channels for the sake of it – if we think it’s a tool that’ll do you no good, we’ll tell you as much.

Need of the hour

Definitely source attribution. Make the effort to acknowledge someone else’s hard work if you’re using it, folks. It’s not that difficult!

We learned the hard way

Client Squirrelling -that’s a term we’ve created. It’s when you have clients who’re new to digital, cannot focus (hence distracted by squirrels) and want to do EVERYTHING.

At first, we’d get carried away with the enthusiasm and indulge this squirrelling. Soon enough we realized what a recipe for disaster his is. The agency is not allowed to carry on with a solid strategy because we’re too busy trying out multiple things.

Now, while we focus on what our client’s preferences are, we’re a lot stricter. We devote a lot of time instead to help our clients focus and get a sense of direction.

Did we just share that?

All we’re saying is, you really should stop by a WhatsApp group with our clients some time! We’re generous with our sense of humour and use of emojis.

More than once, a certain member of the team has accidentally sent messages meant for private conversations to client groups – thankfully, we like all of the people we work with so it was nothing damaging.

No harm done except our clients now have definitive proof that we’re slightly loony.

They work with us

Mercury Himalayan Explorations; Sesame Street India; The Girl Effect; Save the Children; FCML India; Gio Gluten Free for Harvest Gold; Yahoo India (just to name a few)

Industry as we foresee

We see the Indian Social Media industry truly step into a renewed appreciation for heartfelt storytelling, colourful content, and authenticity.

A day without Internet

….would be a day without work! And total mayhem.
Are you trying to induce a panic attack here?

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes! We’re always looking for fun, talented, and conscientious people to join our team. If you think you want to come work with a great agency doing cutting-edge work, get in touch with us right away :)